Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Campaign Songs (HBO)

Published on July 25, 2016

John Oliver and some of America’s favorite recording artists remind politicians not to use their songs without permission on the campaign trail.

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  • Loser Bro Productions 4 years ago


  • Yasmin Van Ruyskensveld 4 years ago

    Why is this the best song I’ve heard this year?

  • Cozan Gaming 4 years ago

    Loved the clip until the Spotify joke… artists get paid almost the same
    on Spotify as they do for the radio. Both of which, the artist chooses to
    be played on, and almost every known artist in the world is played on both
    platforms. I could go on but, let’s be honest, who’s really still reading
    this comment at this point?

  • XzTS 4 years ago

    That awkward moment, when you see signs at the RNC that says *Hispanics
    Para Trump*, then you realize they’re supposed to say *Hispanics Por Trump*,
    and they’re all being held up by White people instead of Hispanics

  • TerranGuy93 4 years ago

    I loathe Donald Trump and certainly think so much of his RNC should be
    criticized but at the same time he may have legal right to use said music.

    Many of these musicians sign on with record labels, distributors and
    companies in order to make so much money and those companies have legal
    rights to distribute that music as they see fit. If the Trump campaign or
    the RNC paid those distributors, Queen can be upset but it isn’t really
    wrong for him to do so. I really tire of people being perfectly happy to
    take large sums of money but after they get them suddenly taking moral
    stands. If you don’t want Trump, Hillary, Huckabee, Sanders, or some other
    candidate to appropriate your music, think before you sign contracts.

    I’m all for criticizing politicians for doing things that are stupid or
    terrible but stop trying to create false impressions of wrongdoing out of
    nothing. It make you just as bad as they do when they lie.

  • Marcel Saldana 4 years ago

    God damn they even got Heart in here? I legit though at least one of the
    two main girls would have passed away by now. glad to be wrong!

  • Durham Smith 4 years ago

    what was Michael Stipes reaction to DT using rems song?

  • Cristina P. 4 years ago

    song of the year! XD

  • Alex Agrawal 4 years ago

    Who are the artists?

  • Jeewan Shrestha 4 years ago

    john oliver save USA

  • FortuitusVideo 4 years ago

    I know the Left isn’t big on the free speech thing but using songs for
    campaigns DOES actually fall under copyright law and is technically legal.
    Especially when it is a one off thing.

  • Shayan Ali 4 years ago

    Dan Reynolds!!!!!!!!!

  • nigeypants 4 years ago

    Oh Usher, you dog

  • Swiatek702 4 years ago

    I thought Wolfman Jack died years ago. Wait… John Mellenwho?

  • Iva 4 years ago

    Perhaps the artist should put out a massive list to say don’t use their

  • Godminnette2 4 years ago

    Can I get a list of all those musicians?

  • Jeroen Google 4 years ago

    They don’t sue because they can’t. It’s not theft, because generally
    speaking these campaigns pay to use these songs. Usually these things
    aren’t negotiated with the artist, but with organizations like BMI. There’s
    a lot of factual errors in this video unfortunately.

  • pastequeman 4 years ago

    I was expecting to see bruce springsteen i think i have the right to be

  • werotan 4 years ago

    <3 <3 <3

  • ULUL AMRI BIN MAT ALI 4 years ago

    HOLY SHIT.. this video was worth the wait

  • Yunuen Galindo 4 years ago


  • Cryptonymicus 4 years ago

    No idea who any of those people singing are. But they SHOULD sue.

  • Rebecca Perry 4 years ago

    Please tell me this is on ITunes. Please.

  • paledoll45 4 years ago

    is that usher?

  • Thomas McGrath 4 years ago

    Actually, it is totally alright for them to do this. If there is a legal
    issue with rights that is one thing, but there is no reason to capitulate
    to the wishes of people who do not own their own music. Most musicians rail
    against capitalism and rake in gigantic benefits from a free market system,
    so I am completely unsympathetic that they deal with a small downside to
    this hypocrisy.

  • Mainfold 4 years ago

    It’s sort of funny that it’s specifically targeting the republicans that
    did it.. but it’s not like democrats are innocent angels that never did it

  • Karl Baron 4 years ago

    As long as the venue is paying their ASCAP fees, they already have all the
    licensing required. There’s no legal need to get permission from each
    artist specifically.

  • filiandsela 4 years ago

    “…If I wanted to sing and not get paid. I’d be on Spotify” LOL

  • Gloria Larsen 4 years ago

    Artists don’t own their own songs. There is not copyright breach. Any event
    can buy a license that allows them to play copyrighted materials and then
    the publication company will distribute the royalties. The only problem
    here is that the artists don’t seem to like the politics using them. No way
    they can sue.

  • Yuki Nekenina 4 years ago


  • Maya Silber 4 years ago

    anyone else go look up “born in the usa” with lyrics

  • rockinfaceplant0000 4 years ago

    so funny trump is so on point about everything that the only bullshit you
    faggots can come up with is the fucking song he used ..grow up and accept
    improvement retards ..

  • mortdrive 4 years ago

    taylor swift would’ve loved to be part of this bit.

  • sirrliv 4 years ago

    The Trump campaign has become the plot from “The Producers”; he’s been
    doing everything in his power to sabotage his campaign, like he thinks he
    can make more money from a flop than he can with a hit.

  • Nexnaught 4 years ago

    Who were all those artists who sang at the end?

  • BossNASTY killa 4 years ago

    an usher and imagen dragon song would be epic

  • Purple Monkey 4 years ago

    Musicians in order of appearance, please

  • Ted Gibson 4 years ago

    As usual, John, you guys don’t disappoint. I’m really going to miss you
    when Trump has you deported.

  • David Vasquez 4 years ago

    Who are ANY of those people singing?

  • EthanUnken 4 years ago

    Why do youtubers get some of their video’s removed for using even just a
    few seconds of a song, while presidential elections can get away with this?

  • Bezalel Geretz 4 years ago

    When an artist signs up with a Performing Rights Organization, don’t they
    lose the right to deny licensing to a specific entity?

  • cayliealainna 4 years ago

    I want to buy that song so I can play it all the time

  • Tyler Cote 4 years ago

    Most of those songs (Queen’s for sure) are properly licensed for use in a
    venue like the RNC. Artists who don’t maintain control of their music by
    selling to companies like BMI will see their stuff played everywhere. All
    they can do is cry about it because playing it is legal. When Huckabee
    played Eye of the Tiger, he was sued for not having the license. $25k
    awarded. That’s an exception because Survivor wholly owns the rights to
    that song. This is probably why you hear We Are the Champions freaking
    everywhere all the time.

  • balrogdahomie 4 years ago

    I don’t know any of the people in the song

    I might recognize the names, but they didn’t show them on screen…

  • Ammar KA 4 years ago

    hoped Mick Jagger would show up at the end tbh. still great tho

  • eab leinad 4 years ago


  • Snailbarf 4 years ago

    I’d still bang the blonde chick from Heart. She won’t call me tho :(

  • FatmanDD1 4 years ago

    Damn that was so fucking good

  • doge fm 4 years ago

    mistake ? people can’t ban other people to use music, even is the political

    just die dudes

  • Kaan Cornelio 4 years ago

    Haha! Love the song! So creative!

  • Mariel Ozoria 4 years ago

    didn’t colbert do this with jack black?

  • arthur riley 4 years ago

    this show is amazing!

  • Дмитрий Гордиенко 4 years ago

    I litterally hate this song.

    I get the message, but the song is lame. Or was it supposed to be lame?

  • djollyrodjeur 4 years ago

    When it comes to bad use of a song, this reminds me of the time the BBC
    used Lou Reed’s Perfect day in a self promoting ad….. and it was on TV
    repeatedly for about a year!!
    5granted, it was a good cover of the song,but it’s about heroin, for fuck’s

  • Elliot W. 4 years ago

    Why didn’t the audience cheer for most of the artists singing? Didn’t they
    recognise these artists?

  • King Mac 4 years ago

    That song is so catchy

  • Jonathan Taylor 4 years ago

    A few humble suggestions:
    Stoopid by Snot
    Vicarious by Tool
    Sorrow by Bad Religion
    The Remedy by Puscifer
    Refuse/Resist by Sepultura
    Too Many Puppies by Primus
    Soldier Side by System of a Down
    Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums by A Perfect

  • pashlyn 4 years ago

    I’m waiting for the politician to walk out to a j dilla song

  • ImHardHat 4 years ago

    I bet you that John Oliver will not make a video about the DNC Leaks, or
    Hillary Clintos email scandal but will slander Republicans all the time.

  • A "neocon" 4 years ago

    Damn it, is this song what we waited 3 fucking weeks for?

  • George Drury 4 years ago


  • Colton Berge 4 years ago

    Trump has forever ruined one of the best songs ever made. R.I.P. Queen

  • Gentleman Nemesis 4 years ago

    It’s clear John hates Trump with a passion. I don’t mind, but I worry it
    will compromise his objectivity.

  • Jarrett Shirouzu 4 years ago

    Which singing voice from this song would you take?

  • james marco 4 years ago

    Two John Oliver videos in a day??!?!? It’s a bloody Australian miracle

  • Ricardo Morales 4 years ago

    Man, Sheryl Crow still looks amazing.

  • Jae won Kim 4 years ago

    Somehow this sounds like “we are the world”

  • leprechaunluck24 4 years ago

    Why doesn’t this have more views?

  • DJ D-Rex 4 years ago

    besides Michael Bolton and usher who else is singing?

  • Abdul Malak 4 years ago

    Musicians complaining but doing nothing because it’s against politicians
    but if I download a song, you’d send the FBI after me? F- off!
    KAT paid for the music and itunes tracked him, then used the government to
    shut him down. Now I know why they have a high pitch, they got a broom
    stuck up their arse!

  • Austin W Ditty 4 years ago

    I’m reminded of Weird Al’s “Don’t Download This Song” for some reason…

  • SomeReallyUniqueName 4 years ago

    Why not sue? It would not be about the money but getting them to admit they
    did it out in the public. It does not look good to be high and mighty about
    crime and then get caught with your hand in the cookie jar. If all artists
    slapped him with suits NOW, the negative press will really hurt him.

  • SageROSA42 4 years ago

    John really knows how to come back from a break. Don’t Steal Our Songs!!

  • The X Million Year Dj 4 years ago

    Well if this is for Trump… You’re screwed since he’ll probably use it
    just to be… Trump i guess…

  • Laurence Brown 4 years ago

    The song reminds me of Weird Al’s ‘Don’t Download This Song”.

  • Sine Nomine 4 years ago

    Another comment, regarding listening to the lyrics of a song. Bill Clinton
    used Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop (thinking about tomorrow)”. He may or may
    not have missed the lyrics

    “All I want is to see you smile,
    If it takes just a little while,
    I know you don’t believe that it’s true,
    I never meant any harm to you.”

  • psp785 4 years ago

    lol the songs nothing really John not Hillary’s emails

  • grace kaveke 4 years ago

    am in stitches–“u cant use this song either, but you can use the free cat

  • The X Million Year Dj 4 years ago

    Is this shit on ITunes!?!?! Thats the best song ever!!!! Specially since
    its low key for Trump! Lol

  • Ludde_12345 4 years ago

    I recognised none of those musicians. Might be because I’m not American :P

  • Jonathan 4 years ago

    Why don’t they sue?

  • radixvinni 4 years ago

    Wonder if Trump will use Morris Albert’s “Feelings”

  • ClockworkKubrick 4 years ago

    You can’t have good without evil. Republicans are the evil ones…

  • Markie W 4 years ago

    Who are in the music video? What’s the original song?

  • sunshinekanatan 4 years ago

    I lost it when the cat was walking on the keys. Highlight of my day.

  • Singe à Ecrire 4 years ago

    My guys, R.E.M. spoke out against it hardcore.

  • The GreenBean 4 years ago

    the most homophobic political party in America plays Freddy Mercury? also
    Cheryl Crowe just gets more beautiful as the years go by.

  • Zero For Conduct 4 years ago

    How about when King Henry used Mozart’s 5th symphony?

  • Bob 4 years ago

    Dear usher,

    No one will be using your song at their convention. You’re trash.

  • firerocket 4 years ago

    Don’t the copyright thing is belong to the ASCAP instead of those singers
    or song writers?

  • Grey Matter 4 years ago

    This show has given me an honest addiction.

  • axident 4 years ago

    Jeb Bush used an anti-Bush song during his campaign. Politicians are trash

  • Melanie K 4 years ago

    “If I want to sing and not get paid, I’d be on Spotify”

  • globalSchelmuffsky 4 years ago

    He caught himself almost saying the Trumpish “many, many…” in the

  • Wiremu Koea 4 years ago

    Nek minute Trump uses this just to shit in our faces………….. again

  • Nico Valent 4 years ago

    Josh Groban!!!!

  • Almaraen 4 years ago

    Fuck me, usher!

  • Marvin John 4 years ago

    i wish Chris Martin showed up for a few seconds before John tells him no
    one wants you here …

  • TheRockhead9 4 years ago

    John better do the right thing and tear into Hillary as well next week.
    Neither party should go unscathed this year. In fact, both should probably
    be destroyed by their own stupidity and corruption. Then the third partys
    shall rise from their ashes and present the American people with more than
    two extremely shitty options.

  • KenJer 3 years ago

    He did tear into the Dems as well in the next video including Benghazi and E-mail as example


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