Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Back To School (Web Exclusive)

Published on September 6, 2015

John Oliver gives students a crash course in everything they will learn — or not learn — in school this year.

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  • Not a-Theist 3 years ago

    Every issue John touches turns into Gold.

    What talent.

  • TitanicNeoTyphlosion 3 years ago

    The Crucible: John Proctor and several other villagers of Salem are hanged.
    But surprisingly, the American dream lives on.

  • MuffinHunterX 3 years ago

    I had to dissect both a frog and a fetal pig and I can confirm that sixteen
    years later I can still vividly recall that stench.

  • John Goundry 3 years ago

    *Skills I still use from school:* how to turn safesearch off.

  • chasemebaby 3 years ago

    Back 2 School is only Good for the MACHINE. It gets the Parents back to
    work while training their children for their future tax enslavement & helps
    corporations sell the same over priced cheap crap year after year. The
    Machines keeps churning.

  • Fabricio Gomero 3 years ago

    Software para estudiar biblia reina-valera 1960
    busquen en google: VisorRV1960

  • TheMightyWill 3 years ago

    I haven’t read Death of a Salesman since high school, but how was he the
    American dream? If anything, he was the polar opposite of the American

  • JMagdalenaCLove 3 years ago

    Trolls can suck IT!

  • Rob Haynes 3 years ago


  • Leivve 3 years ago

    You do actually use calculus all the time. Just humans are naturally
    programmed to have an instinctive understanding in it. So the actual math
    part is useless, because you can just eye if you need to bail from your car
    before it goes over the cliff or not.

  • Pepper Conchobhar 3 years ago

    Cute, but sad.

    I remember drawing my son a pie chart. I said, “Here are all of the jobs
    that are pay very, very well. This tiny sliver consists of things like
    athletes, musicians, and actors. The odds of getting one of those jobs is
    about the same as winning the lottery – and that’s if you actually have
    talent. The rest of the chart? All of these things require high-level math
    skills. If you don’t know math, you’ll never make it onto this chart.”

    Flash forward ten years. My son just put a FB post telling that story and
    admitting that I was right. Thanking me for pushing him through calc.
    Realizing that, even in high-paying, dangerous jobs that didn’t require a
    degree, math skills were still important.

    So no. You won’t need math if you are comfortable remaining mediocre for
    the rest of your life.

  • OMG It's Batman 3 years ago

    at 0:42 i thought he was gonna say bush did 9/11.

  • Luis Rodrigo Saa 3 years ago

    You, English mother fucker, you have a rabbit look, please go to your home.
    You not make anyone laugh.

  • GASAWOCK 3 years ago

    Why are you on hiatus

  • Luis Rodrigo Saa 3 years ago

    I forget that you are gay.

  • Logan Nguyen 3 years ago

    does this guy not even write his own jokes? is it just his delivery that
    everybody likes?

  • Felania Soul 3 years ago

    how to pass high school:
    Be excessively annoying to the teacher so she doesn’t want you in her class
    next year, but not enough to call the dean

  • jeremy smith 3 years ago

    Take AP world then:07

  • danner253 3 years ago

    Thank god I have either read those books or already knew the ending… I
    hate spoilers. xD

  • CanadianBacon US 3 years ago

    It’s too bad we don’t learn about Asia and Africa much in world history.
    Asia is a very interesting continent with interesting history (probably why
    I actively pursue knowledge of it)

  • CanadianBacon US 3 years ago

    Yay a vid about going back to school when I’m doing that tomorrow!!!

  • Taylor Snowden 3 years ago

    Holy crap, with that English bit you covered my freshman sophomore and
    junior years. Now what about senior year? Or do I just have to be patient?
    So far we’ve read Beowulf, and that’s it.

  • BrazilianCupquake 3 years ago

    Thank you John Oliver! What a treat to know that I will be absolutely
    wasting my time at my last year….

    Of middle school FOUR MORE YEARS WHY

  • Simon H. 3 years ago

    *What I’ve learned so far:*
    *Nothing. The internet already taught me that stuff.*

  • Homini Lupus 3 years ago

    I tried teaching high school literature but they didn’t like my
    presentation of Romeo and Juliet as a comedy.

  • MegaSalman1111 3 years ago

    Why do you people find John Oliver funny omg I’ve been trying to see it in
    his videos but it’s just not…….sorry to break it to you….. He is a
    lame annoying motherfucker!!!!

  • Sena Bryer 3 years ago

    I majored in English in college, and yesterday I had to use the kinematic
    equations in programming a video game.

    Long story short, you never know. You just never f’ing know.

  • Julien Gómez 3 years ago

    He forgot Physics

  • Porn Star TV 3 years ago


  • Fly 3 years ago

    Damn…I never finished The Great Gatsby. I didn’t expect that.

  • Corner Universe 3 years ago

    John Oliver, in this sea of comments, and you happen to spot me, I ask,
    relationship advice

  • Spirituality1980 3 years ago

    He sounds Australian. Is he? He’s quite good. :-)

  • Liam Gonzales 3 years ago

    You learn about Africa and Asia in World History!! You never learn anything
    about South America, Australia, or Antarctica.

  • CmdrGendoIkari 3 years ago

    Yep, that’s the running joke that is US public indoctrination ‘education’

  • Sam Pagano 3 years ago

    I thought capitalism died at the end of the jungle. Like actually, he goes
    off and joins the socialist party and runs for some kind of position.

  • Zee Thirteen 3 years ago

    Damn, where was John Oliver when I was in high school–AM I RIGHT FOLKS!!!

  • Bolby Ballinger 3 years ago

    You’re spot on with world history. Mesopotamia and Egypt are the only non
    European ones we covered decently. After those we blazed through ten Asian
    civilizations in a week and never returned until Europe started colonizing.

  • Ty Kenny 3 years ago

    At 24 it still feels weird come September when back to school comes around
    and your not part of it haha

  • Lilith Laffler 3 years ago

    i still gag whenever i think about the frog embalming fluid’s scent

  • Jimmy Smith 3 years ago

    fuck you john you reminded me of school i hope you feel good about yourself

  • LordBummingtonThe3rd 3 years ago

    my history teacher taught as about harding’s sex life. he was pretty cool

  • DannyLrides 3 years ago

    People that say math and science are useless subjects and that we should be
    learning how to do our taxes instead were the ones who probably flunked and
    didn’t even go to college. Those things aren’t taught in school because
    they’re extremely easy to learn.

  • Jonny Cook 3 years ago

    Just finished my degree in chemistry, still don’t know how to cook meth :(

  • Waterbottle man 3 years ago

    Lol at people calling calculus “high level math.”

  • Socking Guy 3 years ago

    can anyone sub to me i want to hit 20 subs by tonight! :)

  • Sam Parr 3 years ago

    This is why i was pissed of in through high-school. This and Cara Brown
    wouldn’t give me a blowjob.

  • Augustus Junior 3 years ago

    Ready for School after this

  • Boystan Toytle 3 years ago

    I like History

  • fully english 3 years ago

    for a second then i thought that was the ISIS flag in the corner.

  • VeryUnfriendlySpoon 3 years ago

    Remember guys, if you don’t go into a STEM field, you are a worthless

  • Morti 1 3 years ago

    I think the Africa + Asia problem is exclusive to the US schooling system
    where, essentially, you learn how to be an American by learning about
    America and America. Maybe WW2 because America was there and there are
    Hollywood films about it.

  • weirdzfully 3 years ago


  • Call of Doge 3 years ago

    Is this supposed to be funny

  • Erick Vergo 3 years ago

    My favorite was The Book Of Mice and Men when he stated that a woman with
    rabbit qualities died. 8 Mile was the only reason I understand that.

  • AngelSweety58 3 years ago

    History class taught me that Nazis copied your hand salute.

  • coolcat001100 3 years ago

    I’m currently reading The Dark Tower by Stephen King.
    So, there’s this Tower.
    And it’s Dark.
    And it’s a noun, meaning it can be referred to as “The”.

  • Jesse Fagan 3 years ago

    I love the S in the logo.

  • RageNblitz 3 years ago


  • AvengeVoltaire 3 years ago

    I´m an adult with a job, and I need much more math than I ever learnt… he
    just doesn´t know he’s using it all the time… very funy except for the
    math part because it´s Bull Shit…

  • Lucija Lorena 3 years ago

    In my country school also started today :'( … Today was the first day and
    we just came to take the school schedule and i already miss summer and
    can’t wait for Christmas holidays…

  • Mycommercials 3 years ago

    His video is so true. I stressed so much over math in high school, and
    college. Now, I only use the four he mentioned. History classes are all
    about making everyone feel good, so they won’t mention that Columbus was a
    genocidal freak and we get his day off. Or the fact that Lincoln was more
    concerned about the Union than slavery, although he did care about it. This
    is one thing I actually learned in college. You learn more in college, but
    a lot of it is really bullshit. I mean why do I have to retake useless
    courses like geography? Or studying useless information just so I can pass
    a test, and most of this information I’ve forgotten. Let’s get on with my
    major so I don’t have to go into thousands of dollars in debt.

  • Victoria Newman 3 years ago

    Just so you guys know, a lot of states have rules that say teachers have to
    give you an alternative activity if you don’t want to dissect a frog.
    You’re welcome.

  • Cian 3 years ago

    Mathematics: you’ll never need it, unless you want a steady job.

  • Patrick Sparks 3 years ago

    I was not disappointed when I googled that shit ha ha

  • Bleuflare Jenkins 3 years ago

    is anybody else getting a video suggestion fr “China’s Sexual Revolution”?

  • kelley davis 3 years ago

    Blackboard jungle

  • Alex N. 3 years ago

    Only book you should bother reading in school is Catcher in The Rye.

  • Amer Alihodžić 3 years ago

    From the thumbnail, I thought it was the ISIS flag or something

  • ExtremeTG 3 years ago

    That why i am not going to college. Already wasted so much of my time, and
    learnt fuck all, dont want to repeat the mistake

  • Phalinx 3 years ago


  • primeyuri 3 years ago

    adding to the list:
    In a song of ice and fire, everyone dies.

  • TEAM CINCO 3 years ago

    School is awesome

  • Gershon Wolf 3 years ago

    at the end of The last Ship, the lady doctor dies. OR DOES SHE? Oh, that’s
    TV, not a book.

  • Jo S. 3 years ago


  • Gershon Wolf 3 years ago

    you are the sunshine of my life, John, see you on 9/13

  • Kevin | SarcasticPig | Pig Army Nation 3 years ago

    Now if this video came out last year..

  • suburbanboys entertainment 3 years ago

    did I’d

  • radeed Rad 3 years ago

    I wass looking for Jessi and gas but I didnt find any?

  • Haiiry Cake 3 years ago

    Useful skill I still use to this day..
    1. how to google(very important)
    2. how to learn new skills(related to 1.)
    3. basic math
    4. general understanding of reality, the world and the people around
    you….(yeh it’s pretty vague, but necessary when you have to make
    solutions to problems you haven’t faced before)
    5. conversation skills (you need to talk to people, and do it right(right
    is relative))
    6. sex (depends on 5.)
    7. general understanding of the value of money and time.(balancing your
    money and your time is important for a fulfilling yet stress-less life)

    Honourable mentions
    understanding of human psyche, light philosophy, languages and morality.

  • Maarten van den Driest 3 years ago

    My mother is not a dog, nor am I a girl. High on Jesus?

  • Charlie Chuckleberry 3 years ago

    I think school should be a choice. Stop wasting our hard earned tax payer
    dollars on this billion dollar baby sitting of kids that don’t want to
    learn. It would actually make education improve by removing the classroom

  • David Quintana 3 years ago

    fuck people stop with the shit about Math. If you don’t get what he is
    trying to point at here you need a class on life. Get from behind your dumb
    machines and interact with some other people. Learn about comedy and
    sarcasm. Learn that winning money isn’t everything in life.

  • Tiffany W Was 3 years ago

    He is right! u don’t learn shit in America and I went to one of the best
    listed high schools in America…I learned more on my personal
    time…education system became a governmental babysitting organization..we
    need to go back to the old days where u graduated college by 16-18…we r
    thousands of dollars in the hole, still ignorant regarding world
    events/governmental affairs and uneducated…Americans we need to get our
    country back

  • Mike Mcglasson 3 years ago

    Wow, there really was a fixation on American Dream symbolism in high
    school, which is weird, because I remember GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption
    having a lot of the same messages.

  • The Prophet Smiled تبسم الرسول‎ 3 years ago

    Check out our page =)!

  • Squidward 3 years ago

    school is so much harder than that John now of days shit is difficult your
    older less information before

  • oo0sofia0oo 3 years ago

    History teaches you where you came from, knowing your history deepens your
    attachement to your identity.

  • wildwhelp 3 years ago

    Math is not important? You stupid John? That’s the whole reason why Indians
    and Chinese are taking all the hightech jobs from Americans. They know very
    well that Americans are poor at math and science.

  • Shahzeab Ali 3 years ago

    hi everyone pls send requests of which movies you want to watch and i can
    upload them they will be more than 1 parts but they will be good I shall
    start with minions pls send requests

  • Dahir Fartag 3 years ago


  • Liam Anderson 3 years ago

    I love John Oliver, but this is the first segment of his where I absolutely
    disagree. It may apply to most careers, but especially the maths, are
    essential to our technologically engineered lives. Has Oliver never met an
    engineer or research physicist?

  • shermanmi 3 years ago

    I finally understand why we were taught higher math in high school. I’m an
    electrical engineering major, so I am building off all of that stuff. If
    they don’t teach that to younger students, kids don’t get to find out
    whether they like it or not. If they like it, it’s important to have that
    background, or else they’re years behind and they won’t graduate college
    and become an engineer until they’re, like, 30+.
    Having said all that, it should also be said that John Oliver is AWESOME.

  • DrCruel 3 years ago

    John Oliver is right. The typical liberal cannot balance a checkbook, let
    alone handle long division or fractions. This might be why they’re so bad
    at handling the economy. It might also explain why they always seem to need
    so much money from the rest of us.

  • James Griffin 3 years ago

    xoxo gossip girl.

  • Vishnu Panikkar 3 years ago


  • Phlebas 3 years ago

    That’s right, you don’t need all this knowledge… unless you want to
    specialize in a field that actually requires it or, if you just want to be
    a well-rounded educated adult.

    High school chemistry may not have been important for me (except now I know
    why not to mix household cleaners; also, it’s interesting) but it’s an
    important step for future chemists and engineers. Same goes for calculus –
    I don’t use it in my line of work but it’s important for some people and
    it’s also nice to have a general understanding of it. Everyone could
    benefit from writing skills taught in high school English; fewer people
    make use of the literary theory aspect, but again, some people do use it in
    their line of work and it’s a good thing to have some basic knowledge of
    the subject.

    There is not a single primary or secondary school class that I took that,
    looking back on it, was a waste of my time and I’m a little bit disturbed
    by the attitude that so much of what is taught is just pointless trivia.


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