Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: 1,000,000 YouTube Subscribers (Web Exclusive)



  • kokofan50 4 years ago

    I’m in the 300 club 

  • Baby Buffalo 4 years ago

    Hey everyone =D

  • mariokarter13 4 years ago

    Fake audience unite!

  • dangerouslytalented 4 years ago

    i hate john oliver and his fake audience.

  • FFXFANATIC 4 years ago

    John Oliver just compared me to a pog. Fitting, as I really don’t know what
    to do with myself.

  • Sem 4 years ago


  • Gabriel Laureano 4 years ago

    I feel its appropriate to welcome john with the one way we all know how,
    ‘cough’ ‘cough’
    Kil ur self u fukin peece of shit u fagit

  • RandomCanEHdian 4 years ago

    this guy makes me so angry i could literally sit down on the toilet and
    take a shit

  • MCproductionsTV 4 years ago

    I couldnt sleep last night so i masterbated and next thing i know i woke up
    this morning

  • miller repin 4 years ago

    did he say he had a million pugs 

  • Evan B. 4 years ago

    i hate fake oliver and his john audience

  • Cums Trollsworth 4 years ago

    Why am I subbed to this liberal asshole? Why are you??? Think about it…

  • Troy Nguyen 4 years ago

    This guy looks like Alf.

    The alien that eats kittens.

  • Ioannis Tsangarides 4 years ago

    Congratulations, John! A well deserved number of subscribers. This is an
    awesome channel with awesome content and an awesome host! Keep up the good

  • angryman132 4 years ago

    Black people did 9/11

  • Axzack 4 years ago

    Wait, So if we are a fake audience, does that mean i’m non-existent?… Or
    a figment of someone’s imagination…

  • Ricado Santos 4 years ago

    what the shit is a pog? Is it some kind of english STD?

  • Ok Donkey 4 years ago

    A dik-dik is a small antelope in the genus Madoqua that lives in the
    bushlands of eastern and southern Africa. Dik-diks stand about 30–40 cm
    (12–16 in) at the shoulder, are 50–70 cm (20–28 in) long, weigh 3–6 kg
    (7–16 lb) and can live for up to 10 years. Dik-diks are named for the alarm
    calls of the females. In addition to the females’ alarm call, both the male
    and female make a shrill, whistling sound. These calls may alert other
    animals to predators.

  • SaintZ 4 years ago

    A lot of the subscribers probably are fake considering 70% of the videos on
    here aren’t available outside the US. 

  • SunnyZ 4 years ago

    That’s half the population of Western Australia!
    And that’s minus all the killer crocs, snakes, spiders and drop bears.
    Consider yourself lucky mate!

    On a similarly related unrelated matter, anyone else find it retarded as
    fuck you have to unsubscribe from a channel to see the amount of
    subscribers it has?
    Get your shit together youtube.

  • OLMECA 4 years ago

    He had me when he did the world cup episode and from there he did not

  • insomniacfolder 4 years ago

    Hello Buglers!
    Jon Oliver the cream of English satirists.
    My country, that so loved him, we completely ignored him and forced him to
    seek work overseas.
    Meanwhile we apparently welcomed the likes of Simon Cowell with open arms.
    A state of affairs that at least perpetuates the need for more commentators
    like… Jon Oliver!

  • Croo ookie 4 years ago

    Hey John tell HBO to upload your videos to HBOfuckingGO as fast as they do
    to YouTube. WHAT THE FUCK AM I PAYING FOR !?!? My cable bill is 200 fucking
    dollars and I can’t see Last Week Tonight until a week after it airs on
    HBOGO or OnDemand. Why do I see more of your content on YouTube ?!? YouTube
    is all of 0.00 fucking dollars a month and this is where I get the chopped
    up episodes I’m paying for monthly? WHAT THE FUCK?!!

  • lifts carry 4 years ago

    hey John i am selling subscribes , ten cent a subscribe
    anybody interested let me know 

  • AshCrafting 4 years ago

    The audience is fucking retarded, though.

  • Rob o 4 years ago

    It means that i want to watch your show but fuck HBO so youtube woohoo!

  • HigherPlanes 4 years ago

    I’m famous, hell yea!

  • McGyver777ATGMAIL 4 years ago

    Did John Oliver just call me a bitch?
    …and without the ball gag, and saddle, and it isn’t even Saturday night
    and we haven’t pick a safe word yet, and it shouldn’t be “more.”

  • Marcos Wicket 4 years ago

    so this mean we can still make mean comments from our toilet with our

  • ebanker1 4 years ago

    so 1 million fake audience members? lol yea right haters gonna hate

  • John Wayne 4 years ago

    I’m a man, but I still say this knowing full well of its biological
    impossibly: I want to have your child. I want to carry it to term and,
    should drastic changes in your sensibilities and worldview occur, would
    sacrifice it to the great sky-lord, Lemoo if commanded. So I guess what
    I’m trying to say is . . . meh, you’re alright. And no, I don’t don’t know
    who he is either. I think I might have just re-purposed a mildly
    offensive, southern pronunciation for lemur and rolled with it. Why would
    you care though? You always do this. It’s never about our non-existent,
    hypothetical, homosexually-conceived child with you. I think we need some
    time apart until you consider what it is you’re bringing to this

    Ahem . . . cuz I’m clearly bringing top notch story telling! *objectively,
    universe-scarring eye twitch* Universe-scarring? Man, I gotta lay off the
    gasoline suppository. Fuck it! Let’s roll with it. If I can scar the
    universe I am clearly god. If I’m having your son then you’re Jesus.
    That’s how that story went down, right? Or was that the Greek gods? Can
    English people be Greek. I don’t know man. I think you should strongly
    re-consider this “impregnation of a man” thing. I don’t know what you were
    thinking. Gecko Gotten Oliver-Vaginas (you don’t know my last name. I
    might be from a place where vagina doesn’t mean vagina – even though that’s
    its anatomically correct name.) is going to grow up confused enough as is.
    I mean with a name like that . . . Oliver. That’s no surname. You still
    here? Cuz I’m not. God that gasoline hurts goin’ in. You think I’m
    supposed to feel my heart beat in my spinal cord? 

  • Kami Nkurunziza 4 years ago

    A million subscribers in eight months. That has got to be a new record.

  • TeeKayFourTwoOnebeta 4 years ago

    I fake John Oliver and his hate audience.

  • PlopRS 4 years ago

    So I am one subscriber to John Oliver, and there are a million subscribers
    to John Oliver… I guess you could say I’m – puts sunglasses on – one in a

  • DukesTravels 4 years ago

    WTF is a POG?? Seriously, I don’t know what that is. Someone please help

  • Jacko Carr 4 years ago

    Subbed when he only had 13,000 subs. 

  • thatpenguinkid 4 years ago

    Can’t watch half your videos because “it is not available in my country”, I
    live in England for god’s sake. Oh well not going to stop me being one of
    the million even if it is annoying

  • Sammy Dixon 4 years ago

    Can you make more videos available to watch in the UK?

  • Fair Dispute 4 years ago

    68,399th 🙂 Feeling pretty good about myself now :)

  • Michsters channel 4 years ago

    Wish Colbert would put his shows up on youtube for us Euro-viewers. :(

  • Larry Wolf 4 years ago

    You mean you guys aren’t getting paid? I just cashed my check Friday.
    Thanks for the jet-ski, John!

  • Paul Phillips 4 years ago

    1,000,000 is meaningless as just recently most of the videos are blocked in
    the uk

  • Lydia Xavier 4 years ago

    I’ve never understood why people brag about getting 1,000,000 subscribers.
    I’ve always believed it’s about the quality of your audience instead of the
    quantity, and I’d rather have 100 subscribers who like, comment on, and
    overall love my videos to death than 1,000,000 who mostly only watch my
    videos before leaving. It’s like if China bragged about having 1 billion

  • AnEnglishBean 4 years ago

    Chap, why are your two latest videos not accessable in yout home country?

  • caramel coffee 4 years ago

    Hello, what’s a pog? Please and thank you.

  • ro lee 4 years ago

    Fuck you asshole, I’m unsubscribing right now! jkobv

  • CrimsonToxic7 4 years ago

    I saw his video on drones and just had to subscribe. This show is like if
    George Carlin were a news report.

  • scott robbins 4 years ago

    Is anyone else concerned that these “fake” news programs are becoming our
    news? it just shows how the “real” news has given up the ideal of
    journalism. I really do appreciate all of this new kind of journalism
    because as long as real information or “news” gets out, then that is the
    ideal. I just hope being able to laugh at all the things wrong with
    civilization won’t make us unable to get activistic about what needs to be
    done in order to solve the present problems in order to move toward the
    future that creation must evolve towards. all the best John Oliver and

  • rockmonst3r 4 years ago

    We keep you relevant is what we do! :P

  • himanshu prasad 4 years ago

    John Oliver looks like a brit kid who is always a pussy in class and afraid
    of his own penis.

  • 69 420 4 years ago

    ▄░▐░░░▄▄░█░▀▀ U HAVE BEEN SPOOKED BY THE
    ░░░░░░▐▌▀▄▀▄▀▐▄SPOOKY SKILENTON

  • World War Two Fanatic 4 years ago

    A lot of PAWGs? Lucky…

  • Sandra Golden 4 years ago

    I love John Oliver. He’s a breath of fresh air. 

  • Bamith 4 years ago

    Almost have as many subscribers as some British guy who critics video
    games, congratz :P

  • Adam Johnson 4 years ago

    John, I sincerely missed you when you were on break. I’m thinking of
    starting a petition on to have you confined to your studio 364
    days per year (yes, we’ll let you have christmas off), to make sure we are
    getting our fix every week. It was painful, John. PAINFUL. Almost as
    painful as the cattle prods we’ll use to make sure you stay in the studio.

  • asilem4991 4 years ago

    I love how he does more international stories.

  • tamsinthai 4 years ago

    A (relatively) plain speaking Englishman with a Brummy accent seems to
    sound so very exotic to the yanks. How easily impressed they are.

  • Amanda Hilsman 4 years ago

    I love you John Oliver. You’re always good for a laugh. Congratulations.

  • animecupidgirl 4 years ago

    I love John Oliver he has a good sense of humor

  • Anne Elise Morrigan 4 years ago

    Well, I love John Oliver and his fake and real audience, so there :P

  • DocDoomy 4 years ago

    Well I’m going to unsubscribe now, far too crowded here.

  • Lola Lee 4 years ago

    A million is also an eighth of the population of Switzerland.
    Go Switzerland!!!

  • Anner Chisline 4 years ago

    This nutty Canadian joined in on the fun recently. Thanks for the free

  • 237homer238 4 years ago

    how nice would it be if you would let us watch the full episodes in germany
    🙁 or at least apologize if you could not

  • Ajay Bala 4 years ago

    Dude you hurt my feelings

  • Nathaniel T. 4 years ago


  • Fangirl Smith 4 years ago

    I’m subscribed because you’re funny but your show is only available on
    foxtel and I’m not paying for foxel, it’s shit.

  • Daniel Anthony 4 years ago

    Trolling much? How much too much? LOL John Oliver is awesome! If his wit
    and opinion offend you turn your T.V. back to the Jerry Springer reruns you
    were watching. 

  • Pakistan Probe 4 years ago

    Excellent show on the youtube and in this galaxy… 

  • BoricuaSincero 4 years ago

    Haha! Thanks for making my times of homelessness easier. I stater watching
    all your clips on views the “Mainstream media” Almost never mentions and
    give so much knowledge to those that have none on issues that matter the
    most because as the saying goes… “An Intelligent Society Is Harder to
    Control Than An Dumb One”

  • Keeko 4 years ago


  • ChristonyBewsie 4 years ago

    Why have you blocked Australians from viewing your recent videos? 

  • stupidmg 4 years ago

    This is the only channel YouTube that can have more views in every video
    than subs…

  • Gabriel Dupuy 4 years ago

    What is a pogue ?

  • Dominick Marino 4 years ago

    Oh yea i guess im fake lol umb terd yup im sure he or’she went to high
    shool iamerica ecause he can definitely’count

  • dlmadeofficial 4 years ago

    +Last Week Tonight with John Oliver make your videos available to any one,
    not just U.S

  • topumasum 4 years ago

    can we ask him for any topic?

  • ALLAN KAMBINDAMA 4 years ago

    wow! now believe he’s a fake audience!!!!

  • Colt Eto (SneakyDevil) 4 years ago


  • Dizzy Lizzy 4 years ago

    One million subscribers and yet u can’t make your videos available for all
    of them.

  • abucket ofkrill 4 years ago

    can i borrow some money? $$$ anyone?? $$$

  • Dusk Claw 4 years ago

    Totally deserved dem numbers. That’s some good quality comedy, that’s
    actually informative at the same time, what more can you ask?

  • Mark Belain 4 years ago

    I love John Oliver and his real audience.

  • Enumerateevaluate 4 years ago

    LWT’s Youtube strategy is interesting. It posts almost all the material
    from its actual episodes online. Maybe the idea is that people are gonna’
    pirate the show anyways, so clips from the show might as well be put on
    Youtube. That way, at least it gets more recognition.

  • Daniel Ortman (Uncle88Dan) 4 years ago

    Pogs? I haven’t seen those for nearly 20 years. The good old days.

  • AngelX538X 4 years ago

    Here’s to a million more! *applause*

  • xyr enc 4 years ago

    And I’m so proud to say that I’m one of the 1.7 M+++ Subrscribers of this

    Oh, I’m not a fake audience of his show. :)

  • samdeur 4 years ago

    It’s the best fucking show ever. Greetings from fucking Netherlands

  • Echos of a TorrentFreak 4 years ago


  • Mark Zapalac 4 years ago

    Great job John Oliver, recently discovered your YouTube channel and now I’m
    hooked on your weekly shows. Hope you stay on youtube because I don’t have
    a HBO package.

    So from your fake audience to you, keep up the great work!

  • roflcopterkklol 4 years ago

    The best thing about this channel is it actually has production value, i am
    extremely happy to see television studios embrace the internet, may you get
    millions more subscribers for taking the leap and embracing it, good on ya.

  • Chris J 4 years ago


    John Oliver’s mixtape droppin soon

  • Eric Roul 4 years ago

    I hate fake Oliver and his John audience

  • Mark Pickard 4 years ago

    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: 1,000,000 YouTube Subscribers (Web

  • spikes252 4 years ago

    Fucking shoutout to his “My Neck, my back, my pussy and my crack” song

  • HaoSci 4 years ago

    While I am not saying the audience are fake, I’m saying that the laugh
    tracks are probably added to exaggerate the response from the audience.

  • Krickistina plays 3 years ago

    He has 2 mill now

  • AppleGeek 3 years ago

    John Oliver is the first British comedian I actually think is hilarious. I
    would move to New York just to meet him in the street. He looks more like a
    male witch than a parrot, mostly because of his nose. I wonder how he got
    that beautiful wife of his, it just blows my mind.

  • DovahSpy 3 years ago

    I had to google what a pog is. Still not sure…

  • ishowyouapple 3 years ago

    You don’t know what we do? We make you a ton of ad revenue money. -_-


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