Larry Wilmore Says “Electus Interruptus” Won’t Get in the Way of His New Show

Published on September 17, 2020

Larry Wilmore talks about launching his late-night show during a pandemic, reveals his favorite In Living Color sketch he wrote and discusses covering the upcoming election on his late-night show.

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  • Daniel B 1 month ago

    He’s such a hack! Try writing something that isn’t race based!

  • PeterPunkAss 1 month ago

    Compton Leap is the best idea ever needs to be a short on SNL

  • Kristoper Griffin 1 month ago

    Omfg I’m so excited for more Larry Willmore!!! You rule man so happy you got a new show!!

  • Rod 1 month ago

    I miss Wilmore…i was sad when his show was canceled

  • molly cruz 1 month ago

    I think the collective hunch among the “powers that be” among the DNC that is shoving Joe Biden and what’s- her- name down our throats, was that Americans just weren’t ready for Bernie and Socialism, and I think they were wrong. Even back in ’16 Bernie was beating Hillary in the “who’s beating Trump?” polls. I am afraid this means the balance of “haves” and “have nots” in the party has tipped to the point where high taxes ae concerned, free lunch and college just aren’t deal breakers. They’ve got money in the bigtime and don’t want it to stop, which makes them Republicans. What’s the anagram for that? DemoGrabs? Feel free.

  • Joseph DeBarr 1 month ago

    Love me some Larry. Miss you man, and I am glad you are back.

  • Michael Papadopoulos 1 month ago

    Compton Leap… Let’s get this sketch done Please

  • johnny cashew 1 month ago

    Larry Wilmore’s last show that I remember, “The Nightly Show”, went viral for ridiculing intellect. Bill Nye was on and every participant on stage was proud of how much they DIDN’T know. I get Bill Nye has a reputation for being a bit of dick, but the entire schtick of the show was grounded, intellectual conversation- and they devolved into dumbass kids when confronted with a level of thought outside of their norm.

    Does schtick have a c in it? Or is it shtick? Ohhhh no there’s no line under the latter. Damn it, I’ve been spelling it wrong for so long


  • Teresa Weaver 1 month ago

    Huge Wilmore fan here. Can’t wait!

  • Brenna Pye 1 month ago

    For the youths in the audience: on Quantum Leap he wouldn’t just jump into another person’s life, he would “right a wrong” in a person’s life, in the past. But only within his own lifetime, he couldn’t go back in the past further than the year he was born. It’s a great show!

  • Alisa Starr 1 month ago

    The unblackening gave me life.

  • bob roberts 1 month ago

    goddamn but i miss the Nightly Show – which ‘comedy’ central canceled in order to boost viewership for trevor noah’s attempt to titanic the Daily Show (just keeping it a hunnert !). Larry and his writers/performers had a vastly superior show and i laughed hard during every episode – which i could not say after Jon Stewart left (i tried for a year, and finally gave up). LOVE Larry !

  • Scotti Pippen 1 month ago

    The great electorial college will decide the election. Without it, Republicans wouldnt win the popular vote for the next thousand years..

  • Scott Baxendale 1 month ago

    I never forgave Comedy Central for canceling his talk show, which was the best talk show on TV at the time.

  • black bird 1 month ago

    GOOD to see Larry! Wow! Miss the show!

  • Wendy 1 month ago

    Big fan of Quantum Leap and would have peed my pants watching Compton Leap. Love these two 💕 fellow Gen Xer!

  • McKinley Brown 1 month ago

    Our don’t want to take responsibility commander and chief has allowed more than 200,000 plus deaths to occur on his watch this is equivalent to these cities population:
    Largest US cities: Cities ranked 101 to 200
    Rank City, State 2010 population, 101 Rochester; New York 210,565
    102 Richmond; Virginia 204,214
    103 Spokane; Washington 208,916
    104 Des Moines; Iowa 203,433

  • Linnea Williams 1 month ago

    So happy Larry Wilmore has a show again. He was robbed last time.

  • bbrucet3 1 month ago

    Larry Willmore isn’t funny. He’s terribly cringed.

  • mumblerapman In Aurora 1 month ago

    We miss you Larry.

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