Lady Emojis Tap Against The Glass Ceiling



  • Thomas Diaz 4 years ago

    Whatever happened to the Stephen Colbert emoji?

  • mariokarter13 4 years ago

    Tackling the real issues I see.

  • KineticLava 4 years ago

    Because women are so weak that they can’t emphasise with male emojis right?

  • Funk Daddy 4 years ago

    Women emojis should stay on the Home Screen where they belong.

  • The Pulling Channel 4 years ago

    women care about shit like this , but cant have realistic standards for
    guys? no wonder men are killing themselves and are getting violent .

  • Cave Johnson 4 years ago

    The way I see it. Real emojis are genderless. You can’t put a gender on
    this :). These new emojis are not as authentic, because they can’t be made
    with a keyboard. Either way I’m glad to see some new emojis. I’ll use them
    if I ever need an emoji for a scientist, or teacher. The gender does not
    matter. Another great PR stunt by google. They took something so small and
    turned it into PR gold. Hell it got a bit by Colbert!

  • Solon A 4 years ago

    zaaaaang that saxophone player tho

  • ozayevable 4 years ago

    holy fuck, this sjw shit is getting out of hand. the other day a friend was
    furious to out history teacher who asked something in the lines of “can you
    tell me about FEMALE scientists of 19st century with great
    yeap the friend was angry and convinced that the teacher was being SEXIST
    by specifically asking about female scientists.
    honestly for a moment i wanted to shoot myself and then my friend.

  • Marx's Beard 4 years ago

    This has gone too far. Seriously do people actually care about this shit?

  • Jatinder Mann 4 years ago

    Wtf. Colbert 4mins on an emoji piece.

  • Eyob Tadessa 4 years ago

    why do you care so much about the gender!?!….the way I see it they are

    tell me what gender this is????

    exactly!! there is NO you could tell!…other then people coming up to you
    and the declaring that it is a male!

  • Geayled Rojas 4 years ago

    Damnnn that Saxophone player tho!!!!!! You hot babe!

  • fffan9391 4 years ago

    This is what allowing Anita Sarkeesian on your show does to you.

  • Ale x 4 years ago

    Nothing makes me hate people more than when they use emojis

  • S Oportar 4 years ago

    Apparently sign of a woman is long hair.


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