L.A. Chargers Can’t Fill Seats

Published on October 6, 2017

Los Angeles was recently blessed with not one, but two NFL teams: the Rams and the Chargers and both of them are having trouble filling seats. The Chargers only have 27,000 seats at the StubHub Center and they can’t seem to fill even half of it. The future does not look bright for the Bolts, but it isn’t over yet. In fact, the very smart marketing team for the Chargers has a new spin that I think is going to help sell a lot more tickets.

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  • Elino Villegas 3 years ago

    Git gud, maybe?

  • Gladiator Spear 3 years ago

    Chargers going back to San Diego

  • Jaspreet Sidhu 3 years ago


  • Kiid Chris 3 years ago

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  • Gary Turbo 3 years ago

    Surprising that Rams came out on top

  • STONEDay 3 years ago

    They should of done Medicated Meditation. That’d be a full smokey bowl.

  • MKUltra 3 years ago


  • Ed Klein 3 years ago

    Afraid to get shot

  • Joshua Bensan 3 years ago

    As a San Diegan. Yeah Chargers you dun goofed xD

  • Ziggybro 3 years ago

    Nfl is a dieing sport amongst the younger generation i feel. No one wants to sit in one spot for 3 hours watching some guys throw a ball around thats boring and tiring to watch.


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