Kwame Onwuachi – Carving Out His Own Path in “Notes from a Young Black Chef | The Daily Show



  • Roth Thannthanha 3 years ago

    He is very inspirational man.

  • BeHappy 3 years ago

    Is he Nigerian?

  • Diana Jones-Ramos 3 years ago

    Damn side view looks just like my son,son

  • Danny Walker 3 years ago

    I was waiting for the video this morning to come out, but the notification didn’t pop up, so I’m not first like a intended to be

  • Keisha Jones 3 years ago

    Nigerian parents will send you back home in 2 seconds if you get out of pocket.

  • MattMatical DaMonster 3 years ago

    So happy that there are still people reading.

  • Mylrog Theldem 3 years ago

    The first name ‘Kwame’ is Ghanaian. The second is Nigerian.

  • Jerardo Rosario 3 years ago

    Keep up the good work, I was in drugs n i know how that sh.. how destroy one. thank god been clean 30 yrs n countin. Belive it.

  • Patricia Eroz 3 years ago


    (Can We Have The Lagarde Interview Here Now, Please . . .)

  • KBDOS Ally 3 years ago

    So Trump really really wanted it right? Is it really the reason he is successful?
    Anything you want in life huh? Like Jay-Z, it seems the secret is to start off selling dope for seed money. Ultimately you end up selling hope to the unfortunate ones which is still legal and just as profitable.

  • suicidal.banana 3 years ago

    So like, im prolly just going to be called racist for raising these questions, but whatever, come at me. I was wondering this:
    Why does the Daily show never seem to do interviews with caucasian people who’ve overcome odds and/or poverty to ‘make it’ in life? surely he cant be thinking only people of color struggle? thats like, racist in itself? On top of that if you watch the recent ‘hot ones’ episode, it becomes clear that Trevor seems to think that if somebody isnt black, they are not capable to talk about racism? and prolly racist themselves? Does he really see the world so black & white (no phun intended) in his head? Your a person of color, or you are a racist?

    It would be nice if he could stop using the Daily Show as a platform for his ‘positive racism’ towards people of color, i wonder what would happen if they let him pick guests based on numbers, instead of pictures and/or names, personally im thinking we would see alot more caucasian guests.

  • Hos 3 years ago

    this “everyone can do it” legend.. someone has to clean up the mess in the end.

  • ProjectFlashlight612 3 years ago

    Trevor Noah’s quest to interview every single black person on Earth continues. Only 1,857,634,920 to go, Trev!!

  • Jose Lopez 3 years ago


  • seyram kulewosi 3 years ago

    Yh hez a GhaGerian…His mummy Ghanaian nd Father Nigerian..
    Pretty cool

  • parkviewmo 3 years ago

    I love the author interviews that Noah does. I keep adding to my reading list.

  • Macdonell Orelus 3 years ago

    Trevor Noah interviews plenty of non-black people just scroll down his Youtube videos; it’s SAD that it’s an issue to people that he tries to give African Americans a platform on his show that they usually don’t have the opportunity to get on other shows. How bored do you have to be to complain about things that have absolutely no effect on you.

  • Emma XTC 3 years ago

    The same thing happened to my father, my father grew up in Brooklyn, he got in trouble with police and my grandmother sent him to Puerto Rico to get his shxt together.

  • Malyaban Das 3 years ago

    You are doing the thing right but how about doing the right thing ? Trust me, Jaboukie and Ronny will kill, also Desi and Dulche. Make them doing field pieces, and please do a monologue, people will love and respect you like the way they should. Love…. MD.

  • Don Uzobuife 3 years ago

    Igbo cultural heritage!!


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