Kumail Nanjiani on Sleep Apnea, Not Going to the Dentist for 15 Years & Welcome to Chippendales

Published on November 17, 2022

Kumail talks about eating a ton of food while he was putting on weight for his new show, getting sleep apnea from eating so much, breaking a tooth while eating lentils, not going to the dentist for fifteen years, his bizarre experience while getting his teeth cleaned, his family celebrating Eid where they would visit the houses of 12 relatives and eat the whole way, and his Hulu limited series “Welcome to Chippendales.”

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  • Nugboy 420 2 years ago

    Lol our relationship to Indians is different. Not really. Haha

  • coco bloco 2 years ago

    Kumail it wasn’t a lentil . It was a stone. Lentils have to be sorted through before they are put to cook. The kitchen either skipped that process or one got away. It’s a job that can only be done by human hand.

  • Tom 2 years ago

    Clearly they never watched Seinfeld. Anti-dentite lol. Great interview. I love these shows about real people and stories I didn’t know the details about. Hulu is the best at it

  • Nirmal Kirtisinghe 2 years ago

    I have been using a CPAP for 5 years. I would most likely be dead by now if I didn’t have that. I am 42.

  • KaldekBoch 2 years ago

    I’ll disagree with the CPAP jokes. It’s funny, but without CPAP my life is miserable. It’s not always about being overweight either!

    His sleep score is really low too. Mine was 80 times an hour. Some folks it’s over 120!

  • Wally Walpamur 2 years ago

    Try 45 times an hour and waking up every morning a complete zombie then finding the cpap machine/mask doesn’t work with you. Makes ya wanna go cordless bungee jumping.

  • Jack Brodie 2 years ago

    This guy is hilarious

  • blueberry 2 years ago

    what did the “not really” mean?

  • Shumayel Khan 2 years ago

    Every Kumail interview kimmel is laughing >uncontrollably< the whole time. Lol.

  • Pale Blue Geek 2 years ago

    Kimmel bouncing on his chair while trying not to laugh has some real 4yo vibes. LOL

  • SH 2 years ago

    Ever since his Marvel glow up he has remained delectably hot. And now he’s dressing like a dream, too,


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