Kiry Shabazz Called a Heckler a Failed Magician

Published on April 23, 2018

While backstage, Kiry Shabazz shares some stories about the worst hecklers he’s ever had and gives advice for dealing with hecklers at live shows.


  • Nginnn nnn 1 year ago

    Third 👑

  • Webber 1 year ago

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    kappa brah

  • Lord Dice X 1 year ago

    I’ve never been heckled, only drunk people talking over my bits. I just shut’m down and get everyone laughing. Also, I’ve never bombed. Knowing what I know, I’m scared as shit for that day that I misread an audience and fail. I’m praying it never happens, but I realize it is bound to be a thing sooner or later because even the best of the best have experienced this. I’m scared!! I know it’s coming, but until then I’m having fun and laughing. Once it does, if ever, I’ll reevaluate and hope I’ve still got the Viagra to go on😄

  • just jaici 1 year ago

    Wowza here before 100 likes I’m shocked

  • Franny Becker 1 year ago

    Boa tarde, noite, dia, a todos os Amigos!.. que curt este canal
    Uma vida sem desafios não vale a pena ser vivida.
    Tenho em mim todos os sonhos do mundo…
    Uma lindíssima abençoada ✨🙏✨semana para nois!..🌷

  • Keren Ikechi 1 year ago

    The notification popped up and I read up until “..called a heckler a failed…” and I immediately thought failed abortion but apparently not….oops


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