Kirsten Gillibrand’s 2020 Bid, YouTube’s New Ban & Karen Pence’s Anti-LGBTQ Gig | The Daily Show

Published on January 19, 2019

Kirsten Gillibrand announces her presidential campaign, YouTube bans dumb stunts, and Karen Pence takes a job at a school that’s hostile to the LGBTQ community.



  • Michael Kahr 2 years ago

    I’m all for universal health care. But health care is neither a right like some on the left think nor should it be a privilege like Republicans think. It’s a cultural achievement. If society has reached a certain level you show it by such achievements.

  • George Sosinsky 2 years ago

    YouTube is just stupid as shit, what else do you expect. Can’t even block what’s worth blocking. Telling you stupid as a pile of shit.

  • George Sosinsky 2 years ago

    That school and YouTube are stupid as shit.

  • arizakaa 2 years ago

    The people working at youtube are a bunch of pussies.

  • Austin Thompson 2 years ago

    A good short joke goes a long way
    Ba dum tsss

  • Justin Wubble 2 years ago

    Karen Pence probably is going to take the kids

  • Antoinette Gross 2 years ago

    At the end of the rainbow ?????

  • Terry Jarnigan 2 years ago

    Sorry YouTube but you can’t effectively ban “natural selection” in a world full of People that are in desperate need to be YouTube Famous. You are inherently going to lose a percentage of Stupid at the hands of Stupid, it’ a Law of Nature.

  • Daemon Blackfyre 2 years ago

    “At this school we pound pussy.” ???

  • Mahir Rahman 2 years ago


  • Kelly Sokolowski 2 years ago

    Damn not allowing homosexuals in a school. Good luck trying to pick us out nowadays. We’re all normal kids and if we don’t want to show our sexuality you won’t see it bitch.

  • Mahir Rahman 2 years ago

    She literally copied Bernie and she is a fuckin war hawk, staunch pro israel and Netanyahu

  • Lizzyhearts21 2 years ago

    Trevor: No short people at my shows!!
    Me: ?? Whyyyyyyyy ?

  • Donald-Ud-Deen Trump 2 years ago

    4:41 that’d be the best principal ever ?

  • El Mostro 2 years ago

    she also wants it to be illegal to boycott Israel in NY

  • Patrick 2 years ago

    She’s easily forgettable. So far, Trump’s re-election is assured.

  • Jack Bowen 2 years ago

    As much as I loathe Trump, if he were on the 2020
    ballot opposed by Gillibrand, I would write in Al Franken. Regardless of how
    you might feel about the Franken issue, Gillibrand’s approach to the issue speaks
    volumes on her views on justice and common decency.

    Does forming and leading a lynch mob in response to a
    perceived transgression by a fellow Senator demonstrate the temperament required
    of a prospective presidential nominee? Is this the type of individual you would
    feel comfortable with nominating a Supreme Court justice or the nations top law
    enforcement officials? Does publicly demeaning a man who has dedicated much of
    his life to standing up for women, minorities, the poor and underprivileged
    without a fair investigation that he asked for and deserved demonstrate the
    temperament of a person who would lead our country?

    If your answer to these questions is “yea, I’m ok with
    that”, then maybe you should stop and consider that these are qualities that
    Trump’s “base” find so endearing in him.

    Gillibrand is a self-serving demagogue, plain and
    simple. She couldn’t care less about what’s right, fair or just. All that
    matters to her is that there’s a tv camera nearby to record her diatribe for
    the evening news. She announced her candidacy on a comedy show for god’s sake,
    which seems really fitting since the very thought of her being presidential
    material really is a joke.

  • Jason Kelly 2 years ago

    I like her because Trump has already misogynistically attacked her. Can’t wait to see what comes out of his mouth regarding her candidacy.

  • Littleblacklawyergerman Blakgerman 2 years ago

    As you “embarked on this journey”.. lol

  • Littleblacklawyergerman Blakgerman 2 years ago

    at this school we “pound pussies”..


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