Kim K Wore Marilyn’s Dress & Now Everyone Is A Costume Expert – Between The Scenes | The Daily Show



  • Patrick Brendon 9 months ago


  • lups 9 months ago


  • MysteryBruises 9 months ago

    The only other woman who could have pulled off that dress is Helen McCrory. Figures like that are one in billions

  • 49ers_red_and_gold2 9 months ago

    Trevor 👍🏿

  • Amy Anderson 9 months ago

    I’ve been obsessed with this dress since 1989. This was an actual fashion crime

  • Melody Xaba 9 months ago

    LOL! The way you call people out! 🤣🤣🤣A couple of angry folks probably went to delete their angry tweets, before they get quizzed on fashion history.

  • Mermaliade 9 months ago

    Okay so people are actually pretty mad at Ripley’s. Not just Kim K. But people did find out that she had a replica dress that she could have warned in its place and did partially wear, so there was like literally no point. Also those of us that do historical sewing and costuming, we’re pretty horrified. But it was also kind of nice to see other people freak out about it too.

  • Abigail G 9 months ago

    I didn’t understand the anger at first but then I listened to experts and it really made me understand why it was so bad that she wore it and why it being at Ripleys was horrible and yet unavoidable since museums that archive clothing aren’t given any funding. It’s a really frustrating and unfortunate circumstance.

  • Amy Jensen 9 months ago

    It’s about her disrespect. If you borrow something, you return it the way it was given.

  • Dee Dee 9 months ago

    You’re absolutely correct. I ‘thought’ Marilyn Monroe’s dress was at the Smithsonian Museum.

  • Serendipity 9 months ago

    Trevor is always somewhere defending dumb hot w/e they are as long as they ain’t black women. He def has a type.

  • snap patruce 9 months ago

    Worst show on television.

  • Scott Nunnemaker 9 months ago

    If the dress was historically important at all it would have been in a real museum where this wouldn’t have happened, but no one considered it an important historical artifact which is why it has been in a place like Ripley’s.

  • Ernesto Dialogo 9 months ago

    Huh huh?

  • NIZO 9 months ago

    Hope KK does sth related to health insurance and education so America wakes up 😬

  • Lone Wolf 9 months ago

    He rarely makes me laugh but always lightens the mood. I admire his personality.

  • The AJ 9 months ago

    Lending out a historical dress to a Kardashian is like lending out a Ming vase to Trump Jr.
    No one to blame but yourself, really…

  • Tyler 9 months ago

    I more upset that someone allowed the dress to be worn, then at Kim K wearing the dress. Because for me, a museum is a place to house and preserve pieces of history.
    The Louvre wouldn’t have allowed someone to wear the jewelry they have on display. I’m just shocked that museums don’t have a universal code of conduct. For example, no one can wear, touch, or rent anything that a museum has in its inventory.

  • The Opinion of Matt 9 months ago

    Thank you for mocking the people that suddenly care a whole lot about things that ultimately won’t/don’t matter. There are much more important things for people to get angry about.

  • zax2004 9 months ago

    He got people “interested” in politics because of the complete incompetence and flat out inability of him and the people he appointed to do what their positions demanded of them. It is in no way laudable, not even in your “silver lining” bubble.


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