Kim Jong-Un Responds To Donald Trump

Published on August 9, 2017

North Korea’s Supreme Leader issues a strong statement to the United States and teases his newest weapon.

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  • Lord Lordington of Awesomeshire 3 years ago

    Fucking brilliant.

  • JamzSubs 3 years ago

    Lol i fucking Lost it with dem damn dragons xD lmfao

  • ハビー 3 years ago

    It’s been nice knowing everyone.

  • Fellow Trumptard 3 years ago

    Hi I am a Trumptard. I want to ban gay marriage, I hate LGBTQ, Church SHOULD be part of state laws. Fuck Muslims, ban em, kill em, whatever. Fuck liberals. I love guns, all white people should have guns, black people can have guns too but I don’t like it when they use them. I enjoy my water, tastes a bit metallic but hey, must be the libtears. Obama was born in Kenya, he’s a Muslim. Fuck SJW’s. Females have a predetermined role in societies, they need to be in the kitchen making me a damn sandwich, fuck that bitch Killary. American’s know how to treat women nicely! Stop killing real life babies…. you libtards, libcucks, (insert name). I also would like to DESTROY South Korea.. wait no, Japan… wait no, Guam… wait, no, err, what was it called… syria? Iraq? Agrabah, righhttt, DESTROY agrabah! Let’s show these third worlders the might of the US army … ususususus! #MAGA #WINNING #CRYMORELIBCUCKS #CROOKEDKILLARYLOST

  • Shawn Yang 3 years ago

    I’m pretty sure the background of three dragons flying around (thumbnail pic) is Hong Kong, not North Korea…

  • Rocco Luciano 3 years ago


  • pebre79 3 years ago

    We’re toast

  • N Simmons 3 years ago

    Meetings and calls…

  • Sideon Sid 3 years ago

    The year 2003 ,
    *Iraq has WMD’s and poses an imminent threat* to the United States .

  • the lamb sauce 3 years ago

    This video is gonna get us killed XD

  • ShuiYueSketchbook 3 years ago

    Change the race and language of that man and you have Trump, who is our real actual president… how did this happen?

  • Stalin 3 years ago

    Send the Trump family accross the DMZ into NK and everything will be fine.

  • XxAV612xX 3 years ago

    Im pretty gullible, for the first few seconds of the clip i thought it was real!

    Read more

  • camelshit 3 years ago

    Nukes; not cool. Dragons; cool, hot or not.

  • Derrick Jee 3 years ago

    Usually I don’t give a shit how far humor goes into this kind of territory, I grew up with South Park & Family Guy bashing everything from cancer to abortion… But the N. Korea missile thing wasn’t funny to me at all. Maybe I’m just getting old. But the moment they joked about Chicago being destroyed by a missile, it gave me bad feels. I guess I’m just legitimately worried about where things are headed, and seeing Trump’s “real news” Trump TV has really started to chill me to the bone. Shit’s not okay right now.

  • Brown Eagle 3 years ago


  • Klara Stern 3 years ago

    Kim Don Trungp

  • smilingface 3 years ago

    say what you want, but Khim Leesi is a right proper lad

  • Azure_Paladin 3 years ago

    I mean he has 3 fucking dragons……I want one……


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