Kids Explain the Easter Bunny

Published on April 17, 2022

There are a lot of questions about the Easter Bunny, and not many answers, so we went out on the street to ask the people who care most, to tell us what they know about the Easter Bunny.

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  • King Kobra 12 months ago

    Hey! Don’t quit, God gave you this path cause he knows you’re built for it 😤. Keep pushing,the reward is gonna be even better!

  • Zayyan Faris 12 months ago


  • no1nestandsalone 12 months ago

    It’s Santa clause in disguise !

  • Jtheson 12 months ago

    Hey Kimmel

  • Bobby Johnson 12 months ago

    These kids made my day

  • Mousey Miller 12 months ago

    Please pray for me and my children this passover. I’m losing hope. But my faith in Jesus won’t let me. Today is the day he rose from the dead. So I do believe in miracles. I lost my job as a social worker because I declined the vaccine. I declined due to my pre existing health condition (Lupus) and heart disease. I’m on a bunch of medications including blood thinners. I was denied my medical/religious exemption from Forsyth hospital. Since losing my job I’ve been struggling to make ends meet. I’m a single mother with two young autistic children. This month we are facing homelessness. We have nowhere to go. Struggling daily to provide groceries. I’m so ashamed and embarrassed over my situation. I am so overwhelmed, it’s so difficult on me. I am all alone no family nor friends to help me. I have been put down and mocked because of my circumstances. Please keep me and my children in your prayers this easter. Even though I’m struggling bad. I still have FAITH God will provide!!!

  • Elisabeth Bock 12 months ago


  • New Message 12 months ago

    Do not try Bunny Booty ‘eggs’… as brown as they may be, they are NOT chocolate.

    Learned that the hard way, I tell ya.

  • Sangitha Roy 12 months ago

    Sad to see Easter becoming more about bunnies and eggs than what it really stand for.

  • Marius Aanonlie 12 months ago

    Still better than listening to Herschel Walker explaining evolution.

  • Thankful Lally 12 months ago

    Ha ha ha haaaa.

  • JaysASussyName 12 months ago

    happy Easter

  • G Bullock 12 months ago

    The frame cutting directly to the father made me lose it 🤣🤣🤣

  • ramacayam 12 months ago

    “that happened in spring and that’s when bunnies are” is a pretty solid kid’s explanation of the connection between the Easter bunny and Jesus’ resurrection. Better than most adults could do

    Haters forecast: yes, “they’re both made up” would be a funnier and – to many – more accurate answer. And sure, Easter isn’t in spring because historically that’s when the resurrection actually happened (it probably has something to do with Passover being then, maybe some pagan celebration). Don’t come for me. The kid’s just cute.

  • Liz 12 months ago

    It makes sense that the Easter bunny is a borracho

  • Carla Barrick 12 months ago

    I like that the Easter Bunny is carpooling with the Tooth Fairy for his deliveries. 😉👍 Have a great day everyone!

  • Null Entry 12 months ago

    The egg represents new life and whatever it’s so called pagan origin, its meaning aligns with Christ’s teachings.
    Christianity has no demands that people erase their own cultural heritage like Islam demands, so things like Easter Eggs and Christmas Trees become part of people’s shared culture with no conflict in ideas.

  • juan4twoZero 12 months ago

    Easter bunny!

  • classof2010president 12 months ago

    Kids are really innocent lol


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