Kid Rock’s New Grill Line Inspired A Rebuttal From Shriekin’ Joe

Published on March 23, 2017

Kid Rock’s new hyper-patriotic American Badass Grill commercial gets one-upped by his main competitor and rival Shriekin’ Joe.

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  • Akram Hasan Sharkar 2 years ago

    Last time I was this earlier, Obama was the President of USA

  • Lu Sapphire and the Muffin Button Band 2 years ago

    Why is Kid Rock in the news so much recently? He’s a has-been pseudo-singer that ripped off other, better singers. He’s a nobody.

  • mikegolf18 2 years ago


  • MajesticJedwick 2 years ago

    Hey, that’s Brian Stack! Legendary writer for Conan, and now Stephen.

  • TheICEgirl6100 2 years ago

    hmmmmm, 100% made in china. did the material to make the gun also come from america?

  • Eric Michel 2 years ago

    The T-shirts brought back bizarre memories…

  • VulpesHilarianus 2 years ago

    So… Uh… Did nobody tell him that Canada makes most of the steel used in the Barrett .50? And that the aluminum used in the casings is from Iceland? And that the copper for the brass and lead in the shotgun shells he fired comes from China? ‘Cause he’s firing more foreign made or foreign processed material than what he’s hitting.

  • xtopher foster 2 years ago

    so I’m thinkin a grand gesture from Rocky the Kid would be to take some of his hundreds of dollars & buy some water & take it to FLINT ~

  • TyFtI34 2 years ago

    I see Brian stack, I like

  • TheMeatballMen 2 years ago

    sorry Shrieking Joe, my Nissan Altima was built in Tennessee

  • Freak and Nitro TV 2 years ago

    The guy has a song called “American Badass” why the hell is he using Bawitdaba in the commercial?

  • Flintstoned 2 years ago

    I wonder how much money is being spent on politics in Michigan compared to how much is being spent fixing Flint’s pipes.

  • adamtzsch 2 years ago

    For his next video, Kid should make a pile of Trump’s Made in China ties explode.

  • louieDsypo 2 years ago

    fuck Kid Rock hepatitis having ass bitch

  • pavan dutt 2 years ago

    Honestly. I don’t even know who Kid rock is. Give me a brief summary of Kid rock .

  • damiazzz z 2 years ago

    kid rock is really angling hard to be the next ted nugent in chief, huh

  • Niko Batallones 2 years ago

    I like how the grill up in the air had a fake explosion.

  • Stikibits 2 years ago

    50cal of American stupidity.

  • domo voi 2 years ago

    Please don’t give actor/singer types a platform to advertise their political running just because they’re famous. If they say something of merit, sure. But if they just do stupid, idiotic and shallow publicity stunts, please stop. We’ve already been through this. Just stop.

  • SbotTV 2 years ago

    Bongo Dongo!


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