Kid Rock Talks Trump with Giddy Tucker Carlson & Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Faces Crazy GOP Attacks

Published on March 22, 2022

We got a full day of nonsense from the Senate today as Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson faced day two of her Supreme Court confirmation hearing, we decided to compare and contrast questions from the Republicans and Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, thanks to a cackling Tucker Carlson we are getting more details about what happened behind the scenes during Trump’s presidency from Kid Rock, Eric Trump went on Hannity to make something out of the fact that Joe Biden went on a bike ride, Trump took a victory lap after the U.S. court of appeals ruled that Stormy Daniels owes him almost $300,000 worth of attorneys’ fees, after more than 31 years on the air “The Mary Povich Show” is coming to an end, and in preparation of the Academy Awards we hit the streets to ask passersby to weigh in on some celebrity scandals that we made up in a new Oscars edition of Cancel Nation.


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  • Diemos Bavros 2 years ago

    It’s obvious, Kid got Tucker high before the recording.

  • GrimJerr 2 years ago

    Biden and Adult exercises, Trump Golfs in a Diaper and Shites HImself.

  • Patrick Corrigan 2 years ago

    Glad we just DIVIDE in the face of WW3 thanks Jimmy

  • Penny 2 years ago

    How stupid is the government to stop the mandates as a new variant is running rampant in China.

  • Chuck Taylor 2 years ago

    Trump and his weasels are all treasonous, Baby Kid and Pucker Tucker especially.

  • Robbieinch1 2 years ago

    Kid rock and Tucker, they are a disgrace

  • Mike COLE 2 years ago

    Rewhore Golden Pot Caligula El Dump-auh !!!

  • Skeptomaniac 2 years ago

    “I don’t think I’m qualified to answer this..” That has never stopped anyone at Fox News from giving an answer.

  • naughtyat25 2 years ago

    Is Tucker resident evil or just evil?

  • rhs010 2 years ago

    You think jimmy is seriously scared of COVID or is he just doing what people want him to do and pretend to worry about COVID?

  • earthstewardude 2 years ago

    My neighbor said Kid Rock should change his diapers once in awhile.

  • Vicki McCune 2 years ago

    Josh Hawley is a Q-Nut, doesn’t even “Live” in MO! ( he did as a kid – went to fancy boarding schools) yep NOT A Farm BOY

  • Robert Ashton 2 years ago

    Tucker Carlson disgusts me to death. He is the lowest of all the lowest douchebags in the history of douchebags just behind Trump and Mat Gaetz and the kings of all douchebags Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnel. Lindsey Graham is right behind him.

  • Jacob O'Neill 2 years ago

    Tucker looks like he just got high … for the first time ever.

  • JJfoff 2 years ago

    That Fake Laugh is so obvious.

  • john harper 2 years ago

    “…. and smoking funny things” The most asinine pop/rock phrase in songwriting history. What a wanker, and rode on a lynerd sknerd classic. What a gatbag-KR.

  • paul doe 2 years ago

    Pretty sad that all so called comedians can talk about is politics …what ever happened to good comedy without hidden agendas …we are all screwed


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