Kevin O’Leary: They’re Never Coming Back | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on November 12, 2021

Venture capitalist and “Shark Tank” co-host Kevin O’Leary joins Bill to discuss the pandemic’s effect on the workplace.

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  • Joel Bizzell 2 years ago

    Honestly, I prefer to keep work and home life separate.
    Work makes me miserable, and I do not want to associate that with the simple pleasure of being at home.

  • Mo Fishin 2 years ago

    Why would O’Leary care if his employees want to work at home? It’s one less cost for him downsize the office and more profits. Would have been nice to see Bill ask some hard questions like why we make all of our crap overseas gutting North American manufacturing that only hurts us in the short and long run. Supply chain issues? Bring back manufacturing! Notice how on Shark Tank every “Shark” just wants to manufacture the product in China and make more profits? Great for the guys at the top but we are cutting off North Americas nose to spite our face. O’Leary doesn’t think the super rich should pay their fair share? Big surprise.

  • Kevin Cosgrove 2 years ago

    1) The deal is people are more productive minus the commuting time
    2) There is a serious problem in commercial real estate that has yet to be dealt with.

  • My Info 2 years ago

    I would LOVE to live on a farm. I hate cities.

  • TomSuntotheMax 2 years ago

    O’leary didn’t seem to want to even acknowledge that there are people doing the worst jobs there are for the worst money. Thinking like that is what makes people truly hate rich people. The worst jobs should pay a ton in a perfect world. This guy trying to “justify” Elon Musk’s 300 billion only made both of them look greedy and entitled. At least Musk is paying some taxes. Whats happend to noblesse oblige? The french learned the hard way that if you take too much money from a people that they will stop you eventually – unless you acknowledge that you are over paid and do a lot for your town, your country.

  • CMG Web 2 years ago

    I like Bill, but he was so dismissive of someone who wanted to live on a farm, who even grew up on a farm. Without farms, where all dead.

  • Max Hyde 2 years ago

    “Who wants to live on a farm?”
    Who wants to live in a rat infested, small apartment where you need to have the TV on to sleep because you can hear your neighbors arguing and sirens blaring all night long? Bill’s life experiences are so limited for his age, it’s almost insane how little he can see outside of his bubble.

  • Alexander Trauzzi 2 years ago

    Who wants to work on a farm? Nevermind that, who the hell wants to work for Kevin O’Leary?

    I’ll tell you why his people don’t want to come back: Him.

    You’re better than this guy Bill.

  • Ahmad Siddiqui 2 years ago

    Alot of people bill would like to live on a farm or a rural area. Cities are beautiful but expensive and crowded. Rural areas are beautiful in their own way. And quiet and more affordable

  • Lawson Sealey 2 years ago

    Too bad you have no clue about any details of Riitenhouse case. Slam dunk innocent self defense that should have never been a trial. Quick to label him as a wanna be super hero. Because, he actually is a hero.

  • Mathias 2 years ago

    Rich douchebag let’s us know he’s fine with workers having autonomy, how brave

  • Mo Fishin 2 years ago

    I like O’Leary as a character, but damn he is so out of touch.

  • 1027 EastSide 2 years ago

    I wonder how much enthusiasm for WFH will still be there in a year, 2 years, 5 years, etc. Both from workers who love it now and stakeholders/bosses who are offering it as an option. Will we revert back to the same old grind of commutes and open office floor plans and coworkers in some cases shoulder to shoulder?

  • Jayson Pida 2 years ago

    All the shit-hole bosses are upset over this —no-one to piss on and control.

  • Hannah More 2 years ago

    “Office culture” is toxic. Everywhere. Human beings are not cogs in a machine.

  • Malcolm Ledger 2 years ago

    I hope companies pay people expenses for turning their homes into offices. All that fax paper and phone bills and storage space…..

  • MegaMech 2 years ago

    The only reason Leary likes this is cause he can lower his employees wages for not being at the office while getting rid of some office leases which means a win win situation for the rich guy.

  • D K 2 years ago

    Maher is so disconnected


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