Kevin Hart on Car Accident, 40th Birthday & Best Friend Dwayne Johnson

Published on December 12, 2019

Kevin talks about recovering from his car accident, his many transportation related incidents, why his 40th birthday was the best/worst night of his life, his new movie Jumanji: The Next Level, his Hand & Footprint Ceremony at the Chinese Theatre, Will Ferrell’s speech, and his amazing friendship with Dwayne Johnson.

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  • Pablo Then 12 months ago

    I thought kevis heart’s best friend was ice cube

  • yew 2oob 12 months ago

    Car accident? Come on Kevin…Tracey Morgan already did this…what a hack.

  • be kind to moms 12 months ago

    He lost weight. Oh KEVIN

  • Catawba Moor 12 months ago

    Welcome back, Kevin

  • Samu Reddy 12 months ago

    No one:

    Literally no one:

    (Drunk Kevin): Let’s walk the dogs…..

  • Galactic Warlock 12 months ago

    It is super cute he calls “The Rock” DJ. Super cute.

  • Alyssa Carpenter 12 months ago

    I thought he was wearing a cardigan but it was just his pockets?❤️

  • Lu lucoming 12 months ago

    Somebody is messing with my shoes
    Cause i am rolling, i am rocking
    She said anybody not play with your shoes
    Honey, HOney, this is not right
    i have not time with ability, we gonna get out of here
    Stop talking back to me, and just give me out of here

  • guitar22xkl 12 months ago

    Such a cute book!!! I bought it on audible ? just incase anyone is wondering, Jimmy narrates it. It”s not a random person narrating.

  • Shawntae Mayers 12 months ago

    i’m so happy he’s okay!! ??

  • ih8tusernam3s 12 months ago

    Kevin Hart seems like one of those guys who could go bankrupt.

  • Depre Jefe 12 months ago

    Kevin : Lemme drive da BOAT

  • Stephanie Christy 12 months ago

    When Kevin laughed about his accident it was awkward…..

  • sharath vishwaraj 12 months ago

    Too many ads.. YouTube this is not cool!!!!!!

  • Bodja 2 12 months ago

    Як же цей Харт надоїв…

  • Galactic Warlock 12 months ago

    “I am like Kevin.” That is hillarious.

  • Nima Montazery 12 months ago

    Nobody can tell a better story thank Kevin Hart

  • S E 12 months ago

    I would’ve LOVED to see that home video. It was funny to hear it, I know it would’ve been hilarious to see it.

  • david taylor 12 months ago

    Strange that they never bring up the other people that were in the car that he left behind

  • Unknown 12 months ago

    damn Kevin hart is 40 and I’m still young and attractive thank god


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