Kevin Bacon Gets Kidnapped in The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special (Extended)

Published on December 3, 2022

Kevin Bacon talks about why he covered his Thanksgiving turkey in herbed mayonnaise, working with Eddie Murphy on Beverly Hills Cop 4 and starring in The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special.

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  • Joe gunnary 6 months ago

    I think he was stuffing the Turkey with the song playing and singing

  • EnQuest 6 months ago

    lmao, if J Kenji cooked it then it’s fucking delicious

  • classic white bread 6 months ago

    Let him talk, jimmy!!! F**k

  • Jerry Guzman 6 months ago

    Whoever is watching this Kevin Bacon & Jimmy Fallon are great. So are YOU! Enjoy your holidays. Blessings.

  • GHETTI 6 months ago

    Who cares about the mayo, let the man talk

  • Derek's Ho corner 2013 6 months ago

    Jimmy Fallon Kevin bacon guardian of the galaxy awesomeness job interview

  • Leanne Vande Kew 6 months ago

    Are you a spatch-cocker?

  • 11samaran 6 months ago

    I can’t, jimmy is so fake.

  • Jay Dub 6 months ago

    Yeah Jimmy is definitely drunk again….

  • Tor Guy 6 months ago

    Oh God, now I quickly remember why I don’t watch Fallon, jeez guy won’t shut up, but I see Kevin Bacon and I click.

  • Shaun Peralta 6 months ago

    @JKenjiLopezAlt get on this show and clear your name! lol

  • Beverly Astorga 6 months ago

    I’m with you Jimmy I hate mayo!

  • Ironworks Physique 6 months ago

    I play Axel F at work, all night, 4 nights a week…

  • Ch 6 months ago

    Kevin, great turkey recipe! Some 50 years ago, I was going to cook my first Thanksgiving dinner for my friends. I pulled out my mother’s hand-written recipe for turkey. It mentioned to rub it all over with margarine. Now, not because her handwriting was difficult to read, but that I was really high on weed, I smeared an entire jar of mayonaise, not margerine, all over that turkey. All my pals thought it was the best, moistest and tasty turkey they’d ever had!


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