Kerry Washington on the Election & Talking to Her Kids About Politics

Published on November 5, 2020

Kerry talks about the great election turn out, working hard on the campaign for Joe Biden, traveling to meet with volunteers, watching the returns come in, talking to her kids about politics, her father Earl, her parents teaching her the importance of voting from a young age, speaking at the Democratic Convention in August, what “We the People” means to her, and what we can do now that the election is behind us.

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  • Sui Generis 2 years ago

    Calling it: she will be playing Rep. Ilhan Omar someday

  • elia isoky Maz 2 years ago

    2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • viper 9803 2 years ago

    ❤❤❤❤Kerry Washington is so Gorgeous.

  • Santosh Prasad 2 years ago

    Kerry Washington is my role model *_*

  • faznout 2 years ago

    Within the last few weeks Jimmy has really been trying so hard to get his guest to bad-mouth Donald Trump. Of course it’s pretty obvious that most if not all of his guests are not for Donald Trump, but one thing Jimmy has to realize is when your in the public eye you have to be very careful what you say and about who. Especially in today’s time with social media. So many celebrities have lost their jobs or contract because of things they’ve said online or on camera. Especially with politics.

  • Cuahutemoc S 2 years ago

    the racists are clowns and are the minority, we kicked their in the first war and the second war will bad for them. this is not a joke

  • Suman Das 2 years ago


  • Karen Baxter 2 years ago

    Watching Kerry on Scandal and the fictional President played on the show and their love story was so awesome I would vote them into the White House any day.

  • Ms. Woods 2 years ago

    As a former 8th Grade US History teacher, this warms my heart!

  • Michael Thomson 2 years ago

    She could be a new Oprah. So likeable, and so switched on.

  • Søren Bech Jensen 2 years ago

    I get that most Trump voters pick him because of tax cuts and thinking this weird idea of trickle down effect
    might actually work.
    But it’s still sad that people pick financial gains over empathy of other people.

  • Alasdair Paterson 2 years ago

    Late breaking news: Trump has reportedly claimed landslide victories in La La Land, Cloud Cuckoo Land, Xanadu, the Russian Federation and the Maralago Congressional District. He maintains he has an unassailable lead after awarding himself 270 electoral college votes.

  • Jay Horton 2 years ago


  • Paula Keller 2 years ago

    It’s incredible that Biden is going to be in the history books. That he got the most popular vote. Than all american presidents.

  • BEAUTIFULLY MADE 2 years ago

    I love this# WE THE PEOPLE ARE STRONG💪🏾💪💪🏼💪🏽💪🏿

  • Rutherford Ashley 2 years ago

    Wow, now I feel bad that I wasn’t going out to get more than family members to vote. Oh, well, more opportunities here on out and with great examples like Kerry Washington. She is so amazingly beautiful.

  • Diva Love 2 years ago

    You gorgeous girl, thank u for explaining it is like a cancer, and for saying, “racism and misogyny” as most people do not understand or recognize the connection of hatred. I am a petite feminine white girl, and in last 4 yrs I’ve experienced rise in misogyny: almost run over 2x while running, insulted at grocery stores, convenience stores, and just out walking; from white men. I stand w all black women and all minorities. We have a cancer in our country: racism & misogyny.

  • Dave Rees 2 years ago

    What a smart & insightful woman Kerry Washington is! I bet she’d like my DONNIE’S GANG, where there’s NO COVID & NO COLLUSION. Trump saves Affordable Care & scares the heck out of Paul Ryan. He golfs with Shinzo & Barack and cuts nukes with Vlad. Paper & Greta Friendly eBook only at Amazon–reads great on a Smartphone with the Kindle app. cheers

  • ZoeeLauren 2 years ago

    What beauty, power and conviction! God bless.

  • K Marie 2 years ago

    She is the BEST🥰


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