Kenan Thompson Debunks Samuel L. Jackson’s SNL Ban and Talks Meeting David Ortiz | The Tonight Show



  • Jon Stremel 1 month ago

    The GOAT of SNL

  • BEAST MODE 1 month ago

    Whoever lined up his sideburns need to be fired 20 times

  • hob jakrapong 1 month ago

    What up with that? 😆😆

  • The SNL Network 1 month ago

    We were so happy Kenan saw that we posted the 1,500 sketches stat in advance of that night’s show! One of the most exciting moments of SNL season 47

  • bill930505 1 month ago

    I feel bad for his sitcom’s cancellation. I can smell a rally for a reversal, not just for this show, but many others.

  • fred smith 1 month ago

    Kenan’s longevity is the Hollywood Walk of Fame Worthy…SNL should name a soundstage after this man

  • C.T. Unonu 1 month ago

    Blessings to Kenan and clan!

    Great dialogue between him and Fallon!!

  • Lkf 1 month ago

    Yay Kenan! My favorite is when he hosts a game show or plays a fed up husband/news reporter/teacher etc. 😁
    Love his super campy characters, too, like the Les Miserables lobster 🦞, Christmas elf, etc. 😂

  • IGNANT4LIFE 1 month ago

    this dude is so funny

  • Elwood Albert 1 month ago

    What’s up With That is my all time fav sketch!! Mas por favor!!

  • XaliaAndrews 1 month ago

    Loved Kenan since All That. I think we are the same age so it has been fun seeing a ‘peer’ for long and doing so well. I think he is very funny and I am a long time fan.

  • Random Commenter 1 month ago

    I have a feeling this will be Kenan’s last episode of SNL. He will come back and host one day, but it sounds like he’s moving on to other ventures.

  • Shadra Lewis 1 month ago

    Always great in any SNL sketch! One of my faves is the Old Man Talking to Alexa-Alissa-Clarissa. Hope he returns next season.

  • Nino Aldie 1 month ago

    Reality show exactly Caress.uNo asian girl is my idol. Hes the person I aspire to be, hes my light of day..

  • R M 1 month ago

    He’s going thru a divorce and his show was just canceled. I hope he’s doing ok under the circumstances. I can def see him taking over James Corden’s seat.

  • Shawn McLaughlin 1 month ago

    And he has played a talk show host in 1150 of those sketches.

  • Julius Kelly 1 month ago

    That episode of Whats Up with That where Sam dropped that F-Bomb was funny!!!

  • Patrick Andersen 1 month ago

    Kenna is awesome. Great artist. I hope his future endeavors are fruitful.

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