Ken Jeong Gushes About Working with Mike Myers on The Pentaverate

Published on May 12, 2022

Ken Jeong talks about being honored in Sacramento for AAPI Month, working on The Pentaverate with Mike Myers and joining the cast of Season 2 of The Afterparty.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • TJ Taylor 9 months ago

    Dr. Ken (or as he’s known in Mexico – EL TIGRE, CHINO) is always just a joy. Greensboro’s finest.

  • Shelley Renee Wentz 9 months ago

    Great series. I don’t laugh when I am alone but this got me multiple times. It was great.

  • D C 9 months ago

    Pentaverate is amazing. Mike Meyers is a genius (I mean ignore The Guru). This definitely makes up for it.

  • Jakob 9 months ago

    If only it was the nineties, I was 16 and slightly stoned. That series might have been mildly amusing then…

    But those guys sure know how to pretend that a turd tastes good!

  • steve conn 9 months ago

    Want to see this. Meyers full on multi-roles again.

  • catquack 9 months ago

    Ken was my favourite character in Crazy Rich Asians — hilarious and so spot on.

  • Eric Brett 9 months ago

    I turned this show off in a record six seconds. The first line was something in the realm of, “it’s doodie time.” I gave a negative to whole show and watched a more interesting 0-0 baseball game into the ninth inning.

  • albear972 9 months ago

    That Pentaverate was the absolute worst piece of crap Netflix or Mike Myers have ever put out. Gave it a try and just had to kill it at episode 1 half way in. It was that bad.

  • Marsellus Wallace 9 months ago

    The Pentaverate was clearly the result of giving Mike Meyers too much money, but Ken was one of the best parts of it.

  • Michael Salkeld 9 months ago

    If there’s a second season will there be a joke in it?

  • llYossarian 9 months ago

    Wait, seriously? Mike Meyers made a series based off that joke from _So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993)?_ —

  • C Wise 9 months ago

    Ken is triggered Bigly by Guiliani.

  • Candyliz2003 9 months ago

    That’s almost Trump-level kissing-up! In this case it’s deserved!

  • ivan rupčić 9 months ago

    Unwatchable .The end.Pentaverat is not funny🙄,and I really like Austin Powers.

  • Kasonda Leigh 9 months ago

    I love Ken!!!!

  • andybaldman 9 months ago

    Do they meet at a secret county mansion in Colorado known as… The Meadows?

  • Brian M 9 months ago

    Dad, what have you got against *the Colonel* ?

  • blackpointmaine 9 months ago

    You can buy Skippy’s white Pentaverate jacket on the internet (discounted now). SEO marketing is an amazing world of wonder. Men’s Wearhouse could learn a thing or two.

  • Dub G Ink 9 months ago

    So theoretically…..Mike Meyers may be responsible for a number of deaths…the Butterfly Effect is real

  • Fun Times 9 months ago

    Mike Myers is an easy target for the critics who described this series as “juvenile” and “infantile.” I heard that and said “sign me up!!” In the middle of watching it, laughed my ass off. Up yours, critics!


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