Kelly Ripa Explains Why She Passed Out While Making Love to Mark Consuelos | The Tonight Show

Published on September 27, 2022

Kelly Ripa talks about the inspiration behind the cover of her book, Live Wire, the time she passed out while getting intimate with her husband and life as an empty nester.

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  • Maria Betancourt 2 months ago

    I only watch the show when there is a guest I like……because Jimmy is so so fake to me…😜

  • drumbum3.14 2 months ago

    (For me) Her Persona.. ..Her Laugh, Her Diction, Her Physique; (Just) Like a Rainbow
    ..Appearing when (and where) one least expects it

  • James Pittman 2 months ago

    I like your pretty video is very awesome and I love Kelly Ripa she is a great TV host and actress.😄

  • Sixtoes moreno 2 months ago

    Kelly Girl Fun and Outstanding 😍😍

  • wendellgee11 2 months ago

    Kelly is awesome! I turned down a part in a soap opera and was told that Kelly took the part. You’re welcome. She is so lovely!

  • RAH ! 2 months ago


  • Maria Flores 2 months ago

    Why do I need to know as much as I might? This is so wrong. Relevance?

  • Melissa M 2 months ago

    Wow seems she hasn’t aged a day. And haven’t seen her in over a decade. Love her outfit. Congrats to her and Mark for still loving their life commitment. Don’t see that to often anymore.

  • Byrd Man 2 months ago

    She is beautiful, and will always be!!! 😍😍😍

  • Oksana531 2 months ago

    I remember when she first took over on Good Morning America for Kathy Lee Gifford. I so doubted she could fill that role in the same way Kathy did. She and Regis had such a natural vibe with each other and they were closer in age as well so it really seemed like such a perfect pair. Plus they had done it for so long I just couldn’t picture anyone else in her shoes. My mother and I used to watch them every morning. However, Kelly Rippa turned out to be impossible not to like. She’s infectious in a good way. She grew on me quickly and I love her now. I still felt bad they got rid of Kathy and I bet it had nothing to do with anything besides her age. Back then over 40 on live tv didn’t exist for women. Men- yes but women- no way. Nowadays she’s got her daytime show with Hoda but for a while she was nowhere to be found. Or at least that’s how I remember it. I was still young then so it’s possible I skipped a beat. Anyways, Kelly is awesome and she frickin just doesn’t age. I swear she drinks from the fountain of youth every morning or something. I need whatever she has lol.

  • Anthony Perez 2 months ago

    great sexy skirt from gay grandpa who lovz twinks

  • todd Bushie 2 months ago

    Come and get me honey 💓 just remember who you really are.

  • Nathalie Persaud 2 months ago

    Kelly is a beautiful beautiful woman

  • FearlessVampireKiller 2 months ago

    boring shilling

  • Scott Brinson 2 months ago

    Jesus Fallon, let her talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Journeytopeace Peace 2 months ago

    She now has the “older lady” voice. Young disposition, but an aged voice.

  • CASEY Andersen 2 months ago

    Sorry I can’t —- I like Kelly but she sincerely has an eating disorder. It makes me uncomfortable that she pretends she doesn’t when it’s soooo obvious

  • Sarah Elizabeth 2 months ago

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