Kavanaugh May Have Boofed The Truth During His Testimony

Published on October 1, 2018

The White House has given the FBI permission to investigate Brett Kavanaugh thoroughly, comprehensively, and… until Friday.

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  • Conflict Of incest 7 months ago

    This show made my day 😁

  • Team VLCN 7 months ago

    Always love more Stephen Colbert.

  • Philip Kinney 7 months ago

    I miss Obama.

    Where is the sanity?

  • kimberly s 7 months ago

    FINALLY. I was starting to think Stephen was taking the night off.

  • Dhairya Shukla 7 months ago

    How ironic that his name is Flake and he flaked on the Republicans

  • Gaiaisi - Gaia's Eye - Gaia is I 7 months ago

    Kavanaugh vomitted out a lot of things during his Senate testimony. Very little of it was the truth. This man is as impartial, and as fit for the Supreme Court as the criminal who appointed him in the first place.

  • Ro G 7 months ago

    Sorry everyone. Brett isn’t going to withdraw because he doesn’t know the meaning of the word “stop!”

    Shout out – SNL writers!

  • Drunkle Stark 7 months ago

    He has such a punchable face like Ted Cruz

  • Tesseractahedron 7 months ago

    Why is sexual assault a partisan thing now? What the hell happened to sanity?

  • DeadlyMargiKarp223 7 months ago

    A person who has lied numerous times (under oath) shouldn’t be given a life time position on the supreme court.

  • longlegladies 7 months ago

    You guys are uploading way to damn late, I’m in old woman and I’m tired 😂😂

  • Emma Bunch-Benson 7 months ago

    Kava-NAH…get your crocodile tears out of here

  • BroMaz Tv 7 months ago

    Trump defending an accused rapist says a lot about him.

  • Ann B 7 months ago

    Thank goodness for those 2 ladies!

  • Kim Jong Fun 7 months ago

    Kavanaugh with other republicans tried to impeach Clinton over a lie about an affair, yet he himself have told countless easily provable lies under oath at that hearing, and republicans still want to confirm him?

  • Susan Keefer 7 months ago

    I Love Stephen! “Feel sorry for the Republican Party, because this Midterm they’re gonna get BOOFED”! 😂👏👏👏👏 “ In the Voting Boof” 😂🤣

  • Dan A 7 months ago

    We know how seriously Brett Kavanaugh and the GOP takes lying under oath so clearly he will withdraw his nomination any second and the GOP will start the impeachment hearing to remove him from the bench. Oh right they only care when a Democratic president does it not a GOP political hack nevermind. The turttle will hold the vote 2 seconds after the FBI hands over the report.

  • Mustafa Malik 7 months ago

    The word “black out” is probably too black for republicans

  • Zai Emrys 7 months ago

    *I feel like Beer should also file a sexual assault case against Kavanaugh.*

  • Astolfo da yo! 7 months ago

    If he’ll lie about things like boofing and Devil’s triangle that are fairly well known, what won’t he lie about?


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