Kavanaugh Defends Himself Against Sexual Assault Allegations with His 1982 Calendar | The Daily Show



  • Karen Nobles 3 years ago

    This women should be ashamed of themselves!

  • Jeffrey Morton 3 years ago

    “Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.” – P. J. O’Rourke

  • dugw15 3 years ago

    4:40 “You don’t have to buy her story, but you also don’t have to accuse Dr. Ford of being a liar just because you like your boy Brett.”
    It goes both ways. You don’t have to buy Brett’s story, but you don’t have to accuse him of being a liar just because you *don’t* like him or want him on the court.

    I don’t know if he did what Dr. Ford accused him of. Maybe he did. And maybe he didn’t. Only a few people know the truth of that.
    It’s his word against hers. That’s all the evidence we have. And from that evidence, no proper conclusion can be made. We don’t need to call ANYONE a liar because either one of them could be telling the truth. But which one, we’ll never know.
    We can’t assume the accuser is right just because it’s a tragedy if it happened. The IF is a really, really big deal. It’s also a tragedy if someone is accused and punished for something they didn’t do. We must handle it with due process. No accusation is true just because it’s sad. We need better reasons to think something is true.
    Especially in this case with so much on the line. There are obvious reasons why someone MIGHT fabricate an accusation like this. I’m not saying Dr. Ford was lying. I’m saying we don’t know and can’t know. If her word is the only evidence we have, then it’s immaterial. We can’t do anything with that.

    This is a criminal accusation. It should be handled in a criminal court and let a jury decide whether, before the law and the standard of reasonable doubt, he stands guilty. Then take the jury’s conclusion as admissible in this confirmation hearing. But to bring up a criminal accusation which has not been tested by due process in a proper court is a terrible, terrible way to proceed.

  • Susan Riley 3 years ago

    I realize this is some weeks later, but there are some strong indications that whatever FBI investigation was done was minimal as the White House (Trump) set the parameters. The American Bar Association asked him to withdraw. He did lie about several things. Some additional information: a friend of mine went to school in Washington, D.C. has told me the school he went to was notorious for these kinds of parties and the groping and sexual assaults, and that her parents told she and her sister to not go there. They didn’t. 

    Another very important thing….I am a trauma therapist. Trauma badly messes with one’s brain and memory. It is common that the recollections do not have every detail. Also, alcohol is involved in so many assaults of all types, about 50%. Women have learned so long ago to never talk about being assaulted or raped. They get blamed and are victimized further. It would have been good if a proper investigation was done.

    It is sad that the GOP women seem so willing to throw another woman under the bus, but they stick to their party.

    The biggest thing is this: Trump wanted Kavanaugh because Kavanaugh has a history of deciding on the side of corporations. Trumps 2018 Tax Scam overwhelmingly favors the top 1-2@. With Trump it is always about the money.

    I don’t know if anyone will ever know the full story. The men I have known do not act this way. Sadly, every woman has had some episodes of really bad behavior. A lot of women are just sick of it.

  • Sarv Grover 3 years ago

    We like it.Thanks

  • Julia Crawford 3 years ago

    Legit didn’t think American politics could get any worse, then I watched the hearing. Honestly I feel like I’ve just watched the death of this country. I’m also not really sure if I’m happy or sad that this country may not survive to the next century.

  • Emanuel Ruiz Diaz 3 years ago

    19 de octubre de 2018

  • synthgod808 3 years ago

    People need to know definitively what happened and judge for themselves. I’m putting together a comprehensive video that compiles all the information out there so people can see what this is doing to the country, how it’s impacting the coming election and how this damages the credibility of women who have been assaulted. Also the effect and aftermath of his appointment to the Supreme Court as well as how people are reacting to it. This case is practically the deciding factor for a lot of people in the upcoming election. I want to put this together in time for that so people can make an accurate assessment of this case and vote the right way. This election will have a major impact on our country. Go here to help gofundme.com/kavanaughblasey-ford-fund

  • Helios Guerrero 3 years ago

    Trevor Noah, A Mind Genius

  • Lucas Layton 3 years ago

    That group of women on the couch is the reason republicans sexually assault people. Raise your kids better and maybe they won’t rape, right winged nuts. What a bunch of sad ass cunts.

  • Macdom 3 years ago

    what a bunch of NPCs in the comment section

  • Michael Janik 3 years ago

    Pathetic. I can see the sadness in your eyes while you try to do your politically charged “comedy” show. But hey I guess they pay you well enough for suppression your own conscious.

  • M 3 years ago

    Video of women who have made false accusations of sexual assault https://youtu.be/xP_unrWp2Mk

  • Infamous Iguana 3 years ago

    over 30 years. She waited over 30 years. And conveniently came out when he is being put into one of the biggest positions in the country

  • Angrage Macmuffins 3 years ago

    Damn the left is evil. This is why you people are, and this is why you people will…….. continue to lose.
    God Bless Brett Kavanaugh. And God Bless The Trumpster.
    2:25 Trevor’s face tells otherwise. What is it with the left and projecting.

  • Standaardnaam 3 years ago

    Those recordings from Jamal Khashoggi are being sold by some darknet vendors like on
    @t for about $300K

  • Textured Frog 3 years ago

    Make sure u grope the next conservative u see, they dont mind if ur 17 or younger???

  • Riya Lohia 3 years ago

    This is amazing! At least is awareness …

  • Kaa-brows 3 years ago

    HAHA time proves fate . LADIES ON THE LEFT LIED eat that

  • Shleeshtak 3 years ago

    LOL more of the accusers now referred to the DOJ and admitted they lied HAR HAR HAR HAR HAHAHAHAHAH. Lying democrats got you good. Hook line and sinker. Sadly some democrats actually believed these liars. YIKES what a bunch of freaks. Were you one of those freaks that believed the accusers without any evidence at all while heckling the accusers of BJ slick willie the rapist. AKA BJ Clinton with a bus load of rape and sexual assault victims who accused him. WOW crazy mixed up libs. Now the accusers are referred to the DOJ because they publicly admit they lied. OUCH and libs don’t care if they attempted to destroy a person with literally NO actual evidence at all while old slick willie is still on the lose.


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