Katy Tur & Jacob Soboroff: Warren’s Plans Can Appeal To Voters

Published on July 31, 2019

Katy Tur & Jacob Soboroff of MSNBC believe Elizabeth Warren can appeal to voters with policies that offer a vision of life after Trump. #KatyTur #JacobSoboroff #Colbert

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  • Christopher Price 10 months ago

    Nice big pink t shirt katy…

  • Philippe Hunt 10 months ago

    MSNBC is full of anti Bernie hacks

  • meerpowa 10 months ago

    wow that is pink

  • Pamela B 10 months ago

    She looks great considering she just had a baby!

  • David P 10 months ago

    I do honestly know socialists who feel like we need to destabilize the system to create a new one. But both Bernie and warren want to save it. I land somewhere in between. Crap, I almost think we need to rebuild our trust in one another to create a better system. And I don’t know if it will take something like universal healthcare, student debt forgiveness, universal childcare/pre-K, and other plans to do it, I mean I hope so.

  • Fleck Smugbrother 10 months ago

    Katy just had a child. She still looks gorgeous.

  • EC 10 months ago

    I suddenly love bright pink.

  • Morgue Prop Rentals 10 months ago

    Is she Preggers?!

  • Dave Williams 10 months ago

    Jacob Soboroff looks like Colbert. Like really looks like Stephen

  • Joan Weiner 10 months ago

    That is the pinkest thing I’ve ever seen

  • NOMO FOMO 10 months ago

    Sure, Lizzie Warren can reach those disenfranchised voters but Maybe there’s another candidate that can do that too. Gee if only I can remember his name. He’s the oldest one there. Ran in 2016… What is his name? The media always discounting BERNIE.

  • consumer 10 months ago

    “I think Elizabeth Warren has a real shot to reach those [Trump] voters who are dissatisfied with the system and aren’t sure if they still like Trump. I think she can appeal to them by talking about her plans.” – Katy Tur

    Because Trump voters are famous for their appreciation of detailed plans.

  • Guðmundur Ingi Guðmundsson 10 months ago

    Pink rules!

  • Watzleroviak1210 10 months ago

    Warren cannot survive a race/debates against Trump, everyone nows that.
    Bernie can.
    But, you saw here again how the MSNBC people carefully avoid using his Name, because if they would, they’d get fired.

  • Master of Mashup 10 months ago

    I love how they are so supportive towards Bernie and Warren. It is the truth, they are the only two who would work for the people and not corporations.

  • 94hawaiijedi 10 months ago

    Katy Tur is BEAUTIFUL.

  • Costa Conn 10 months ago

    Have to do a monitor check after that

  • Ian Brooke 10 months ago

    List the number of election promises that trump failed to carry out. Then ask why would you vote for someone who makes hollow promises just for their own gain. Then list ALL the ways that trump is corrupt and racist and abusive etc etc. Surely it’s a good way to beat trump?

  • Charles Du 10 months ago

    Interesting how they hit Andrew Yang’s plan of changing the system, converting Trump voters, then…plug Warren! Can’t mention That Other Guy!


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