Katy Tur Got Trump to Answer a Question About Russia by Complimenting Him First

Published on July 20, 2018

Katy Tur talks about confronting Trump about asking Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s email server in 2016 and Russia’s interference in the presidential election.


  • Mike Boyd 9 months ago

    This is all so crazy. What is with Trump and Russia? They are connected at
    the hip, apparently. You can hear one without the other. It’s like they are twins!

  • Ciara Bradley 9 months ago

    ya got some great poll numbers there Donnie

  • route99 9 months ago

    Trump supporters are already adopting the Kremlin’s talking points, saying the hacking isn’t a big deal because the emails leaked were real. That’s how far gone the Republican Party is. Conspiring with an American adversary is OK because it helped Trump win and Hillary deserved it. Could you imagine if Hillary used the Chinese government to leak Trump’s tax returns? There would be armed militias in Washington.

  • L Whitby 9 months ago

    Off-topic, but I wouldn’t buy a Chevy if it were the last auto brand on Earth.

  • Don Burgundy 9 months ago

    I wanna see Katy eat banana slowly

  • Kolin Mademe 9 months ago

    Trumpanzee rhymes with enemy.

  • Wilbur Jenkins 9 months ago

    Beautiful and Smart AF

  • No gods, no masters! 9 months ago

    MAGA! = Morons are governing America! #idiocracy2.0

  • Watch City 9 months ago

    am I the only one who yelled at my tv when Trump invited Russia to hack Hillary’s emails and I screamed TREASON!

  • Gersson B 9 months ago

    It’s funny, earlier this week Fox reported that Russian meddling happened under Obama’s watch; trying to make it seem like he was at fault lol. Of course Obama was president during the campaigning for the presidency… dummies.
    But why instead, don’t they see that candidate Trump encouraged Russians to hack into getting the emails for Clinton. I mean why can’t we just conclude Trump was an accessory to a crime committed by the Russians.
    He literally asked to get the emails and they did WTF.

  • james rearden 9 months ago

    God, I’m in love with her 😍😎😍

  • kallebaah0 9 months ago

    So what’s the appropriate punishment for high treason? Firing squad or hanging?

  • Bhagwat Shah 9 months ago

    Trump wants to see emails, we want to see his tax returns!
    potato vs potato – whatever!

  • Tony Cheung 9 months ago

    She is so hot!!!

  • Thomas Panto 9 months ago

    If Trump can see my emails then I can see his.

  • Booyaka9000 9 months ago

    Goddamn Katy Tur’s gorgeous!!

  • Endureromex E 9 months ago

    She is really really handsome

  • Matt A 9 months ago

    what a rack!

  • Alexandra V 9 months ago

    China, Iran, or any country if you are listening we would like to see Trump’s tax return, his emails, his phone calls, his creditors, his deals, etc etc etc… Does that sound fair? After all everybody seems fine with asking foreign power for help…

  • zapfanzapfan 9 months ago

    Very clever trick there, miss Tur! In Swedish Tur mean luck, or hike (also in Norwegian), I’d fell pretty lucky if I went on a hike with her 😉


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