Katie Couric: “I’m the Boss of Me” | The Daily Show

Published on June 15, 2022

Katie Couric discusses her best-selling memoir “Going There,” her new podcast series about abortion and reproductive rights, and how running her own media company allows her to speak out about the need for sensible gun laws. #DailyShow #Comedy




  • Graham Wideman 2 years ago

    4:22 “a lie goes around the world in a nanosecond”. Assuming to spread around the world the lie travels half way around in every direction, or about 12,500 miles. If traveling by some radio or optical means, the fastest it could travel is the speed of light, or 186,000 mi/sec. So it’s going to take at least 67 millisec to get around the world. Katie was off by a factor of 67,000,000 times.

  • DJ Pomare 2 years ago

    Only weak men want to restrict women. These weak American men embarrass their mothers.
    Anti abortion and no maternity leave shows that America enact backward laws for backward people.
    American Evangelicals and Taliban treatment of women is NOT based on religious belief but on male inadequacy.
    The US constitution amendments have been amended 27 times since 1789 so amendments can and are amended.

  • Ayesha Ali 2 years ago

    I really like Katie but am disgusted by the way news is manipulated ,she is right let people decide why change and only present piece meal information, half truth. Trevor, is absolutely right. Agree with her its agenda driven,sounds fake with expert opinions, no real unfiltered,unbiased content. Stop brain washing or manipulating.

  • txlish 2 years ago

    RGB remark about Kapernick – That’s all one need to know the legions of America preferred pigment entitlement. Oh I said too much, Nope go through all her renderings , if if crossed lines of religion/skin pigment , You had found that American Progressive Feminist darling – Wrong side of Justice , every time on the time. One other specific example included After the entire World in Cahoot with Jr escapades in Afghanistan-Iraq have provided comp for teen ages brown muslim mans being picked up and tortured beyond repair from where ever and have thrown away the keys for decades decided to give monetary compensation – Almost All EXCEPT Scotus – All 9 of those pigment loonies !!

  • vicky w-o sullivan 2 years ago

    I do not understand why you support democrats? The dem media should tell us the truth and they do not. With your background, I would think you would promote freedom of speech.

  • Erik serum 2 years ago

    I love katie and I think she really loves trevor noah and respect him a lot .u can tell .love you katie .

  • Cancun771 2 years ago

    *If you want Trump to be punished, you need a general strike. Political pressure on the Dems, not the GOP.* The Dems are the hold-up here.
    Trump will otherwise never be punished, nor will any other Jan 6 ringleaders. If the Dems wanted to punish them, AG Garland had 17 months to do his duty and indict Trump for the crimes in the Mueller report. Instead, shady *Garland has been bothsiding Jan 6.* Tells you all you need to know.
    The hearings are just the latest in a never-ending string of distractions after the impeachment,m the Mueller report, the FDNY etc. etc., all designed to string along the public while protecting the conspiracy.

  • Thailander 2 years ago

    Not sure how anyone can find this guy funny at all.

  • betaneptune 2 years ago

    Really? Only 7 minutes? Yes, some guests get boring quickly, but Katie? Really? 7 min.? C’mon.

  • Kevin B Willson 2 years ago

    Love Katie so Beautiful

  • D Medina 2 years ago

    Katie- the GOAT and still a hottie

  • 101nka 2 years ago

    She looks 20 years younger then she is


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