Kathy Griffin Gave a Speech About the First Amendment at the University of Oxford

Published on August 13, 2019

Kathy Griffin talks about the negative comments about her movie, winning the Freedom of Speech Award for her film and giving a speech about the First Amendment at the University of Oxford.

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  • Arian Brahimi 6 days ago

    She is the answer to “how obnoxious can a person be?”

  • _Jacobin 6 days ago

    Genuinely obnoxious

  • Jester 6 days ago

    She’s about a funny as a dose of clap.

  • Dom_90 6 days ago

    I like her because she pisses of the squares.

  • New Message 6 days ago

    Negative comments? Those happen? There aren’t any sarcastic ones, though… right? Oh good.

  • Stephen White 6 days ago

    What do you mean robots OR Ivanka?

  • Zaraki Kon 6 days ago

    Dunno if I like her style of comedy but the enemy of my enemy, etc 😁.

  • Jose LOVELIFE 6 days ago

    love her

  • moontakeen whitaker 6 days ago

    Her booty fake…..smh

  • Keenan Thomas 6 days ago

    I can’t believe she’s still talking about DT that was how long ago, Kathy!!??? I almost didn’t click this post but I thought she might have moved on. She could have had (would have had) 3 comedy tours on Pop culture, and celebrity stories by now! If wanted wanted to hear yet another redundant joke about how awful DT is we would turn on late night.

  • ProjectFlashlight612 6 days ago

    The period in the naughty corner for this vain, unfunny witch for giving the Nazis a reason to gain public sympathy is over, I see.

  • Lydiah Kanyoro 6 days ago

    *cringe* 😬

  • catalinacurio 6 days ago

    Kathy, you are just simply incredibly bright and funny, corny but true. I bet Oxford students either loved or loathed you, like Marmite, the sheltered toffs would have been baffled.

  • World Love 6 days ago

    Lady…just speak to the host…no need to keep including the audience…it’s patronizing as heck and rude to the host…and please stop the plastic surgery…greg giraldo just did a new bit on ur face in heaven’s hollywood bowl. And relax? Oye.

  • better secret 6 days ago

    As an European who has Amazon prime..I definitely want to stream it.
    I didn’t like the joke obviously, but the state response was the worst possible, almost from a country under a dictatorship

  • M G 6 days ago

    She is gorgeous

  • PAvS Official 6 days ago

    Stylist: How curly do you want your hair to be ?
    Kathy: Yes

  • Zac Martin 6 days ago

    Im guessing this ranga is only still around for the shock factor how can anyone stand her… well i guess we back her with all the trump stuff

  • fletchoid 6 days ago

    Never thought Kathy Griffin was funny, or even slightly amusing. However, it is pretty hypocritical that she got so much grief for her “comedy” routines about Trump, when the Toddler in chief gets a free pass on his reprehensible behavior, racism, tweets, and conspiracy theories from the same critics that condemned Kathy Griffin.

  • EliteGeeks 6 days ago

    I cannot stand her because she is a shitty comedian.


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