Kate Schatz Wants You To Get Clear On Your Beliefs – CONAN on TBS

Published on July 20, 2020

Kate encourages Conan and other white people to get clear about their beliefs, and what they are willing to risk for them.

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  • Clint B 2 months ago

    Where is prayer in all this? 2nd chronicles 7 – 14 is the ONLY ANSWER to this subject covid 19 ECT…God is still real and the only answer..

  • Goku Naruto Sasuke 2 months ago

    Conan u should play Black ops 2 or Black ops 3 zombies for clueless gamer

  • somethingelseishere 2 months ago

    BLM is a marxist communist terror cell using the black community as a human shield.

  • J Omega 2 months ago

    All lives matter

  • pilategrove 2 months ago

    BLM is a violent Marxist organization and they do not allow for “discussion”.


    Black Lives DO matter

    One can hold two thoughts at once. Wake up please.

  • Donatos Aphael 2 months ago

    bunch of bs…
    All lives matter the new “culture” destroys and never builds anything because it is easier…..

  • Matthew Morton 2 months ago

    This lady really wants black people to think she’s cool…

  • Kev Low 2 months ago

    I’ll say it.. All lives matter. Personalities should stop trying to further divide the 90% with this narrative. The only ones that benefit from the division & turmoil is the people that have never lived under oppression. The media millionaires want you to fight each other to keep them with a story to tell.. News flash: I’m white, sue me. In MY LIFE, I’ve never hated a man for his race, yet I’m somehow wrong for what someone else has done. Am I bad because I didn’t go burn down a Wendy’s because of injustice? No, I’m not. Everyone has a life, a story, it’s not your place to tell me that I’m wrong for something done by someone else, that in fact I’ll OPENLY ADMIT I’ve always known about the bullshit happening(it’s not just cops killing folks, it’s also folks being forced to sell other folks drugs just to have rent money because some idiot burned down a Wendys and took away legit jobs for them & the locals), but hey, I can’t affect any of it, sadly. And im just sayin.. All lives matter.

  • Settlers6 2 months ago

    ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’ Well, if you want to talk about race and you say something people don’t agree with and you have an online presence/platform… You could get fired. You could get death threaths.
    Hell, if you say it on Facebook and people tell your boss (even if it wasn’t intended badly, but just a ‘faux pas’, as the woman in the video suggests), even Joe Schmoe might be fired. People have been fired/blacklisted for less.

  • Ben from Blue velvet 2 months ago

    Really disappointed

  • geetarbube 2 months ago

    Damn, she is checkin’ those boxes.

  • Ryan Springer 2 months ago

    Facts over feelings: Facts on LE deaths of all races (does not fit BLM narrative):

  • Alexander Noam Norgaard 2 months ago

    Done with this obvious white shaming agenda America is trying to spread … It’s truly pathetic. We _all_ matter, black, brown, white and yellow! *BLM* is just used as an excuse to feel victimized, to create more hate and spite, disguised as “justice”. Endless hatred.
    See and listen to this awesome _black_ woman share her opinion on BLM, gotta love her courage: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nDKB3bOWcuM

  • Cptn Cringe 2 months ago

    Ok karen

  • u8qu1tis 2 months ago

    White Fragility is a racist concept pushed by a grifter. Robin DiAngelo has no data supporting her assertions, and the concept of White Fragility is circular reasoning where there is no possible answer other than white people are racist.
    Conan, you should talk to Colman Hughes, or John McWhorter, or any of the dissenting black intellectuals who disagree with the insane ideology you’re engaging in.

  • Cihangir Çağatay 2 months ago

    Oh hi Kate Black Lives Matter , thank you!

  • SRM 7 2 months ago

    I’m a fan of Conan but not a fan of his guests #GetGoodGuests

  • A C 2 months ago

    On the contrary, you are not risking anything by saying BLM. You are risking everything including your jobs if you don’t say you support BLM.

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  • janifer 2 months ago

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