Kat Timpf: NBA legend wants to try hostage negotiation

Published on August 23, 2022

‘Gutfeld!’ guests discuss reports NBA legend Dennis Rodman will head to Russia to negotiate for the release of WNBA player Britney Griner. #foxnews #gutfeld

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  • mort picklefeather 5 months ago

    She hates AMERICA & makes a living off of subsidies from the NBA while calling everybody that’s different a RACIST…role model for the wicked

  • JustinSane 11 5 months ago

    What is he planning on doing? I don’t think Putins as enamored with American basketball as Kim Jong which is the only reason he was able to talk to him and do whatever he did besides become friends with the guy

  • SHSscorp82 5 months ago

    1:18 I love how Kat cracks herself up! 😂

  • Roberto Savy 5 months ago

    Omg 😂😂🥃🥃🥃🥃 kat,, go girl 🐒🎥 🍿😁.

  • Dreamwell 5 months ago

    Trump always envied how Putin can violate basic human rights without fear of consequences.

  • Joe Herbert 5 months ago

    I’m not a fan of Griner, but I think she should be released. No, she’s not a hostage, but being caught with a vape pen and some oil isn’t the end of the world. I’ve heard from various sources that Griner had been bringing in her weed and vape pens for some time, (typical entitled attitude) but this was the first time they actually busted her for it. In any case, the sentence seems a bit harsh. Maybe Rodman will succeed and get her released. Not sure what the future bodes for this athlete, but I for one would love to see her blow a wide open dunk on national television just one more time.

  • Steven Garcia1988 5 months ago

    Why KAT WHY!!!!!!

  • aseale seak 5 months ago

    Trump would have had her back by now

  • Keith 4 months ago


  • Blake Hayes 4 months ago

    Ol Kat is so beautiful, love her voices and laughs, she has got such a sexiness to her.

  • Steve Kabel 4 months ago

    Hey Mr Rodman there are thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people in prison right here in America for the same exact offense, why are you not advocating on their behalf? Is it because she gets special treatment?

  • Kelley Eidem 4 months ago

    Kat has the coolest laugh!

  • clotsuky 4 months ago

    Most men have a crush on you kat…hottest presenter i have ever seen….

  • Kid Shelleen 4 months ago

    I like Dennis Rodman that’s all I got on this one even though I extremely hate Democrats

  • Radio Roger 3 months ago

    I was forced to give up cable the beginning of the year because the NFL and NBA demanded a huge increase in the Pay TV money, I could not justify paying $125 a month rock bottom basic when I have been unemployed for two years! (California’s AB5 law)
    So the NBA can go pound sand and let them and the mega mega mega rich players use their own funds to get Britney out

  • Radio Roger 3 months ago

    Why doesnt local Fox affiliates (Like KTTV in Los Angeles) broadcast the Greg Gutfeld show in the same time slot as the other late night shows? (CBS,NBC,ABC) They broadcast Fox Weather 24/7 on a Fox sub channel, why not Fox News and Gutfeld? As more Cut The Cord and go to Over The Air, Fox News would gain millions of those Cord Cutters

  • Steve Carras 3 months ago

    Ad-libbed or written, my sweet,dear,Timpf kitten?

  • Michael Messer 3 months ago

    Kat would you like to hear an enigma? Well here it goes: we all know that fire needs air or oxygen to sustain a flame, so how does the Sun in outer space which there is no air keep burning? And how does the Sun light up the Earth but not the heavens behind it? You don’t know the answer let me know because I know the answer.

  • Jason Staats 2 months ago

    So Kat likes BBC?

  • Stay_Medicated_ Pa 2 months ago

    What’re they gonna do about griners adams apple?


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