Karen Bass – Trump’s War Powers, Impeachment and the Congressional Black Caucus | The Daily Show

Published on January 13, 2020

California Rep. Karen Bass discusses the potential for a War Powers Act and why she believes Trump would be impeached if senators voted on a secret ballot. #TheDailyShow #KarenBass



  • John Paul 1 year ago

    Oh, senator flake said it?

  • Rezolutionist 1 year ago

    Please, no Biden. Biden is just Trump-light.

  • Anthony Gilbert 1 year ago

    Trump had two motivations in the Iran matter.
    1 To deflect from his impeachment and plummeting approval polls.
    2 War is MONEY. Republicans like war.

  • Adam C 1 year ago

    Is the Daily Show considered a far left show?

  • Ticky Tacky 1 year ago

    Career politicians afraid of losing their jobs should be lynched.

  • LovinLife 1 year ago

    There’s no imminent threat to the US, which is why the WH refuses to provide any information, instead the GOP is telling Americans to just trust them. This is how the GOP continues to gaslight their base into supporting them.

    Pence admitted at Trump’s Ohio Rally that Impeached Trump who authorized an international assassinations of Soleimani in Iraq without congressional approval was due to 1 person being killed. But, nothing was done when an American Journalist, Khashoggi was killed in Saudi. The Republican Base is so well Gaslighted, they cheered.

    So the true imminent threat is getting impeached Trump re-elected, while distracting from Senate Republicans willing to go against the Constitution in favor of protecting him, which is why Trump acts like a Dictator.

    American Voters will see if Politicians up for re-election in 2020 are willing to send their constituents to die in another useless Middle-East War for Impeach Trump.

    Trump’s tweets:
    11/29/11 – BarackObama will start a war with Iran.
    1/17/12 – BarackObama will attack Iran in order to get re-elected.
    9/16/13 – I predict that President Obama will at some point attack Iran in order to save face!
    11/10/13 – Remember that I predicted a long time ago that President Obama will attack Iran because of his inability to negotiate properly-not skilled!

    I wonder how many Trump Supporters are running to the recruiters office to volunteer for the front lines?

  • BlackMambaHaze 1 year ago

    These kind of people makes me not give up all hopes of America

  • BlackMambaHaze 1 year ago

    America is so far ahead on many things but your political system is so terrible

  • Pamela Bruno 1 year ago

    Yes! Our view of Africa is horrendous ?

  • vmacart 1 year ago

    WHY do republicans fear trump so much? WHAT does trump have on the republicans?

  • Mara More 1 year ago

    * #Cory2020 * Cory Booker 2020 * corybooker.com *

  • Iowa Shots 1 year ago

    I like her! She’s intelligent and well spoken! We need more people like her in government,

  • 369 Rising 1 year ago

    Africa: You could fit America in there three times.

  • J. Muller 1 year ago

    Thank God we do have Trump.

  • Katrina Enjoy Life 1 year ago

    Stop waisting My tax money for your vacations to Africa. Doesn’t your home state of California have an extreme homeless population and your focus is Africa? Stop waisting time and money.

  • Noelle With an E 1 year ago

    Time to move to Canada

  • Alex Clark 1 year ago

    They are doing the same thing as 2016, if they run Biden, trump will f#$@ him into the dirt

  • ProjectFlashlight612 1 year ago

    The crucial point is that these fake liberals knew this crap with Trump was taking place, yet did NOTHING until it had occurred.

  • Doug Cornelio 1 year ago

    What about the 542 drone strikes launched from the White House without Congressional approval killing 3800 people and 325 innocent civilians. Oh but we’re not supposed to know about that just keep watching mainstream media. ??Go to sleep go to sleep go to sleep you lovely sheep??

  • Nancy Alexander-Carreira 1 year ago

    TERM LIMITS for everyone. I cannot help thinking that if you know your time is limited, you won’t be concerned about some jerk’s tweets or holding onto your seat…that you’ll do what you were sent there to do because YOU, too, will have to live under the legislation you created when you go home at the end of your term.


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