Kanye West’s MAGA Meltdown – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Published on April 26, 2018

Trevor tries to wrap his head around Kanye West’s MAGA meltdown.

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  • gracie doran 2 years ago

    Plus it’s so funny that literally the week Stormi was born, the Stormy Daniels scandal broke ?? like god damn

  • Samantha Abernathy 2 years ago

    I feel Kris’ pain! Thats exactly how i feel when i get the damn computer as my partner on my spades app! I throw an ace of hearts and that mofo throws a 2 of spades and screws me EVERY SINGLE TIME! ? Damn computer algorithms.

  • SYESMIND OnLithium 2 years ago

    Just subscribed recently, Pls subscribe back Peace

  • Deez Nutz 2 years ago

    Is it fucked up that this might actually be true?!

  • Elena Christian 2 years ago

    It’s official. We live in Bizarro World.

  • Godknows Prince 2 years ago

    Shout up

  • Daniel Inokoba 2 years ago


  • ADEDOTUN AKANDE 2 years ago

    Who else dances to the theme song? ?

  • Elaine Ouellette 2 years ago

    Kanye is off his meds

  • horacpinker 2 years ago

    Blacks must vote for democrats, or they are uncle Toms !

  • dscuff man 2 years ago

    M.A.G.A, all day,every day, shout out to kanye, fuck all the sj’s

  • ThePowerfulnoob 2 years ago

    *People are ignorant of what Kanye was trying to say, which is having the mindset of being a slave when we are well over 100 years pass that moment in time. Kanye was saying that it’s a poor choice to live in that mindset when NOTHING is stopping you from NOT being in that mindset therefore it becomes a choice. A poor mindset translates into a poor reality is all Kanye was trying to articulate.*

  • sydney wellington 2 years ago

    I remembered this video when Kim was to the White House. Trevor is right! No joke! lol

  • Les Pierce 2 years ago

    This is the best of Trevor! a natural funny guy

  • Mark Pemberton 2 years ago

    The camera work on this show… oy vey.

  • 15 seconds of truth 2 years ago

    I thought I smelled shit! Then I noticed ur show was on!

  • Digistrom X 2 years ago

    Sometimes we forget that bullying consists of mocking someone with lies in order to influence their behavior and break their spirit. Bullies don’t just beat you up, they shame you and make you miserable about being a certain way. This is the most cruel part of bullying because it has a lasting impact, you’ll forget the blows but the shame can stay with you forever.

  • katzceo 2 years ago

    This trevor dude is clueless

  • Elisse Johanna Tandyo 2 years ago

    welcome to 2018 indeed

  • Mark Rodriguez 2 years ago

    Election Day is November 6th
    USA USA USA! ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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