Kanye West Tried to Join Chance the Rapper’s Wedding Band

Published on October 25, 2019

Chance the Rapper chats about hosting SNL for the second time while pulling double duty as musical guest, what Kanye West was like at his wedding and how he got everyone from Randy Newman to Nicki Minaj to guest on his album The Big Day.

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  • Hey There 3 years ago

    this dude doesnt have a label and is on the tonight show every 2 weeks, what are labels offering in promotion that makes them worth 75 percent of a musicians total income? ridiculous.

  • The Dude 3 years ago

    He is giving 1 million$ to Chicago public school & another 1 million$ to Chicago mental health services.Such a good and warm heart.

  • Cyzik 2 3 years ago

    Who else loves him

  • Misread Llama 3 years ago

    Where is Jesus is King?!?!! ?

  • N. Helin 3 years ago

    Niall Horan: “Chonce The Rapper”

  • New Message 3 years ago

    Me: “Randy Newman? Ok… amazing.”
    My Brother: “Who’s he?”
    Me: “Uh.. ‘I love LA’? ‘Short People’? All those Toy Story songs, like he just said… ‘Blue Shadows on the Trail’ from the 3 Amigos!?!?! Come on…”
    Bro: “…Mmmmm nope. Nothing.”
    Me: “The piano guy from Family Guy. ‘Left foot, right foot.. left foot, right foot.'”
    Bro: “Ohhhhhhhh yeah!”
    Me: “You’re adopted.”

  • jhb14 3 years ago

    NF beat this guy, and don’t get me wrong, lots of respect for Chance…. but NF should be getting more recognition… just saying?

  • Traylee 3 years ago

    He said doody

  • Dwight K. Schrute 3 years ago

    Wait, Chance is married???

  • Mawen Mendoza 3 years ago

    Love chance ?!!!

  • BaiAnNa2014 Twitter 3 years ago

    Is he Kanye West Jr.? I remember watching Kanye in the movie, The Blade. Wow, that movie moved! The kind that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

  • Traylee 3 years ago

    I love that his daughter’s names are ridiculous

  • mystummyhurt 3 years ago

    Whatever label or management team chance is with does a great job because that’s the only reason he gets this much publicity still….

  • Brent Randel 3 years ago

    you know what refreshing chance an Jimmy I’m going to Brooklyn this summer to start writing for the Jimmy Kimmel show good luck also Fallon you know none of this singer’s or rappers came up with any of their lyrics

  • The Music Gods 3 years ago

    Chance is awesome I love him

  • Otizzle babe 3 years ago

    The most stupid rap name ever

  • julst129 3 years ago

    You know your album sucks when you need to promote it twice on Jimmy Fallon

  • Babygirl95 3 years ago

    He is so pure ??? cheesing showing everyone his wedding ring ❤️

  • 720 BitStudio 3 years ago

    Chi-town in the house

  • Brett N 3 years ago

    I hope Jimmy Fallon the Talk Show Host has Lewis Capaldi the Singer, or Jack Black the Actor on his show soon


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