Kanye West Makes Anti-Semetic Comments & Draymond Green Takes Break From NBA | The Daily Show

Published on October 11, 2022

NBA star Draymond Green to take time off after punching a teammate, Kanye West makes anti-semetic comments on Twitter, New Zealand to tax cow burps, city council members in L.A. are caught making racist comments, the Metaverse announces avatars will now have legs, and Tommy Tuberville makes racist remarks at a rally #DailyShow #Comedy



  • Random Internet User 2 years ago

    The meme wars shall continue until moral has bottomed out

  • Paul DuJardin 2 years ago

    Dang it

  • Damion Dash 2 years ago

    Is this the racist Olympics this week

  • Monkeyking 2 years ago

    that monkey comment might not be racist, im white and was called a monkey alot as a child when i acted out. or you going to be racist and say its ok to call all children monkeys but black ones?

  • midnightprince30 2 years ago

    Funny that the guy that looks like he’s in favor of reparations for agent orange is against them for slavery. Someone should ask him his opinion on that. Bet his hypocrisy shows.

  • Chandler Folk 2 years ago

    Maybe he doesn’t actually know the meaning of the term reparation. He is from Alabama so this is bare minimum a decent chance

  • Gina Lynn Greathouse 2 years ago

    Weird out there. I’m surprised she didn’t try to soothe the young boy.

  • Benjamin 2 years ago

    Also DEFCON is short for Defense Condition. Just to add another layer of idiocy to Kanye’s illiterate rant.

  • trumpisatraitorandwussygrabbingbirther 2 years ago

    Hang trump now! MAGA!


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