Kanye Mourns the Queen, Trump Gets Fact Checked & FBI Still Missing Documents from Mar-a-Lago

Published on September 9, 2022

It has been one of the weirdest weeks of weather we’ve ever had in LA, Prince Charles is now King Charles, Kanye took to Instagram to mourn Queen Elizabeth II, Hoda Kotb provided us with a special royal edition of the “Segue of the Day,” Joe Biden is taking his Republican rivals to task, Jimmy has some thoughts on where the missing documents might be at Mar-a-Lago, a channel called “New Delhi TV” came up with a fun way to fact check Donald Trump, a new edition of This Week in Florida, and Charlie Puth goes undercover to surprise unsuspecting customers.

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  • glad lawson 7 months ago

    defund the gop

  • Look Outside 7 months ago

    how do those people know who charlie puth is?

  • TSYDNYK 7 months ago

    LA is a desert, the soil is dry and pact creating a flash flood condition. Anyone near streams, rivers or on hillsides should plan for erosion and high waters.

  • Zaid Roa 7 months ago

    Ha chad!

  • Keep It Reel. 7 months ago

    Are you kidding me I thought Jay WAS the joke lol. He was real?

  • MusicalPancakes 7 months ago

    I don’t know who Charlie Ploof is, but by the sound of it, it sounds like it’s for young girls. Who does Kimmel think is watching his show? haha

  • stoicstudent 7 months ago

    It’s gonna be all Trump all day for the rest of our lives 😮‍💨

  • Jay H 7 months ago

    Our national security is compromised because of Trump and his Republicans.
    Americans who are abroad trying to protect USA is in danger.
    Trump, his appointed judge and GOP are traitors to America.
    I am no longer supporting Republican Party!!!

  • Let me talk to Sampson 7 months ago

    Hot all day all week in Disneyland

  • Frank Walsh 7 months ago

    Looking up NDTV.

  • DemonWarriorKoji 7 months ago

    dont know who or what a Charles Pooth is but that was joyfully funny haha

  • Ian Macfarlane 7 months ago

    The USA is the “World’s oldest democracy”?

  • Prisca Nemger 7 months ago

    Trump should have stopped talking after “I don’t think.”

  • James Denny 7 months ago

    who the heck is Charlie pouh ?

  • James Daniels 7 months ago

    Time to feed the Gator..

  • Zaid Roa 7 months ago

    I’m sure I am speaking for everybody else when I say. I’m so sick and tired of hearing about Donald Trump. I only wish this guy would just be taken into justice or perhaps custody or some type of thing! So we can just stop hearing about them until the investigation is over. But unfortunately doesn’t work like that.🫥

  • Joe tuktyyuktuk 7 months ago

    The truth hurts… “don’t feed ‘da gators…”

  • Peter B 7 months ago

    a new one on Candid Camera. Added fun in a pretentious coffee bar.

  • stephen nelson 7 months ago

    Ufkay Oridayflay


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