Kamala Harris: The Person, the Politician… and The Chef? | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on August 13, 2020

From Howard University Alum to California District Attorney, here’s the rundown on Vice Presidential Nominee Kamala Harris’s resume. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #KamalaHarris

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  • Jack n Jill 8 months ago

    I call her the “Dosa Lady”.

  • na me 8 months ago

    I don’t understand American politics, did people not know these things about her? I mean, she was a presidential candidate. All the praises she received right now, compare it with the time she ran for president.

  • Robert Melvin 8 months ago

    I have come to the conclusion that John Lewis was a saint, for every time Trump opens its pie hole. I cannot control my anger and rage, I want it dead. But I then go to the speeches [Gospel] of John Lewis. One example: “it is better to reconcile and not divide, it is better to build and not tear down”. I can’t wait for Biden and Harris to occupy the Oval Office.

  • Tenea Coleman 8 months ago

    I’d buy a “Black Woman 3.0” t-shirt. 😁😂

  • Tony Watson 8 months ago

    You skipped over her high school!

  • Jim R 8 months ago

    For people that think she isn’t progressive enough, she voted with Bernie 93% of the time. I think she will be great.

  • olzt100 8 months ago

    Reality check. Why is the first “black” in things political really half black in recent years? Obama was half white. Harris is half southeastern Asian. The US can’t take all black or it just prefers lighter shades? IF its the preference for lighter shades then just elect more Asians, Latinos and Native Americans and that will solve that problem. But the first blacks in all things politics tend to reflect the one drop rule more than historical racial origins.

  • Donato Davis 8 months ago

    😂😂😂”let’s find someone who’s even whiter…pack your bag billy we’re going to Indiana”

  • RDF1nner 8 months ago

    Wow a daily show puff piece, Jon Stewart is rolling in his grave. /s
    Why not point out more of the bad stuff she did? When she had power she did nothing to change things for everyday people.

  • Doc Holiday 8 months ago

    Hearing trump and his band of felon’s till the election will be as pleasurable as chewing on broken glass. BIDEN HARRIS 2020 / 2024, about then, donny trump and willy barr might be eligible for parole.

  • governor madea 8 months ago

    “Coz when I get nervous I start pooping gold coins”😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kim J 8 months ago

    She’s just another lying politician that didn’t get a single vote during the primary. When she ran for the senate she promised medicare for all. After she won she never fought for it, hell she never even mentioned it. Empty promises just to get elected. She’s a sad joke that will embarrass all minorities, black, Asian and woman alike just like Obama did. Go check his record. They all bow to the establishment and he did it twice.

  • Eagle brown 8 months ago

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  • sri haran 8 months ago

    4:25 is the most indian thing

  • Christian Ang 8 months ago

    When the only insult trump can do is call you “nasty”. So please americans vote biden harris just to make your country reasonable leadership’s.

  • Matt 8 months ago

    The person who openly admitted to smoking weed in college and has put hundreds of people behind bars and ruined their futures because they did the same thing and got caught. I was hoping we would have a good response to Trump this election but then somehow this pairing got chosen. These two are the worst pair we could have chosen besides letting hillary try one more time. Wtf people, we couldn’t do any better than a creepy old white guy and a hypocrite?

  • yaz7525 8 months ago

    Question but what is mass incarceration of black men? Aren’t they in jail because they did something bad and now are going to court and going to jail?

  • Kelbin Diaz 8 months ago

    Omg Biden and Kamala the best presidential picks in history! I’m so excited I could jump of a roof

  • Shane Kellam 8 months ago

    So, if she keeps criminals in prison, they only bring up the black people. But I’m sure if she helped set them free, she’d be chastised for letting loose white rapist and murders.
    There’s no winning in the media and the lumping of races.
    I like Kamala’s style tho, I’d rather have HER as next President.

  • JohnJaggerJack 8 months ago

    Honestly at this point parents not being worried their kids are getting educated at school or actively telling them “is not a big deal” should be a felony…


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