Kamala Harris on What Gives Her Hope and Protesting with Her Parents



  • Cori Eddings 2 years ago


  • Eleanor Churchill 2 years ago

    I’ve heard so often that Love is stronger than hate. I wish it was true, but I begin to doubt it.

  • Jill Herbers 2 years ago

    Jimmy Fallon, You need to interview Cornell West. He gives the larger perspective on class and the corporatization of our culture. It’s all part of the same problem. Have him on–he has answers.

  • James Hirtz 2 years ago

    This woman is an open would be dictator. The thought of her getting near the oval office terrifies me. I’ve listened to many of her speeches she is an authoritarian.

  • Enter Sandman 2 years ago

    104 deaths of unarmed black men in 2015 under Obama administration. 9 deaths of unarmed black men in 2019 under trump administration. Liberals don’t care about facts only there feelings.

  • Gina M 2 years ago

    Never any conservative guests… such a biased platform… it’s election year, why am I not surprised? This network would never allow it anyway. So exclusive when all these people talk about it inclusivity! The hypocrisy! I love Jimmy Fallon but the executives of these networks are ruining the average American. We are not welcomed to think outside the box. ✌

  • L. jimnz 2 years ago


  • Get Yo' Funny Back 2 years ago

    “As attorney general, she weaponized technicalities to keep wrongfully convicted people behind bars rather than allow them new trials with competent counsel and prosecutors willing to play fair. One of them, Kevin Cooper, is on death row. Another, George Gage, will die in prison without intervention from the governor. In both cases, Harris had the power to change the outcome. She could have demanded DNA testing in Cooper’s case. She refused. She could have conceded Gage’s conviction was based on the prosecutor’s decision to suppress evidence that devastated the credibility of the sole witness against him. She didn’t.

    Harris also failed to hold police and prosecutors accountable for misconduct. In Orange County, where a sprawling jailhouse informant scandal has robbed countless people of their right to a fair trial, her lack of meaningful oversight has contributed to a crisis of legitimacy that continues to upend the county’s criminal justice system.

    In 2015, when called upon by the Legislative Black Caucus to support bills that would have mandated that all police officers wear body worn cameras and that the Attorney General’s office investigate lethal officer-involved shootings, she declined. She championed a law that went after the parents of chronically truant children, laughed when asked if marijuana should be legal, and supported a system that locks up people who are too poor to post exorbitant money bail. These policies were part and parcel of a system of mass incarceration that has deeply harmed poor people and communities of color.”

    Source: https://theappeal.org/kamala-harris-criminal-justice-record-killed-her-presidential-run/

  • Kendra Eichholz 2 years ago

    Thank you Jimmy Fallon!
    You cover all the unsaid stories that must be seen!
    Kudos for all that you do for us and all that you share! 💞

  • John Gullo 2 years ago

    Jimmy is running out of interesting people to interview. Now it’s liberal media whores like Harris.

  • alan ask 2 years ago

    trump 2020

  • Jo Montanee 2 years ago

    JIMBO, thank you so much for listening, for talking, for keep the conversation going. You are not political at all but you are full of love and compassion and it shows in your show. LOVE YOU FROM THAILAND.

  • Choam Nomsky 2 years ago

    Kamala is a cop. She’s also the last token black female I want Biden to pick for VP.

  • F M 2 years ago

    Jimmy, you’re in overkill stage on the interviews. We all support your efforts but it’s time to get back to your regular show at home.

  • Bob Sanders ADOS 2 years ago

    Here she goes lying again. Like that time she smokes weed listening to Snoop & pac

  • Winston Smith 2 years ago

    Kamala Harris would mop the floor with Mike Pence in a Vice Presidential debate.

  • jaya tissa 2 years ago

    Jimmy why didn’t you mentioned about the George Floyd incident to Kamala Harris?

  • New Message 2 years ago

    I’d love to hear what Jimmy’s kids think of all this.. and hear him answer the questions they must be asking right now.


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