Kaley Cuoco On The Possible Romance Between Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy – CONAN on TBS

Published on April 23, 2020

Kaley’s response to Conan’s question about a possible Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy romance is so good, she has to stop to write it down.

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  • idkAlan 9 months ago

    Personally, I originally didn’t think the Kite Man x Poison Ivy pairing would work but the show got me hooked and I hope they continue it and not go with majority of the Harley renditions where they pair her up with Ivy.

  • fenix bm12 9 months ago

    Dude Conan! We want Norm Macdonald! Not Kaley Cuoco and her awful poison ivy jokes!

  • David Hughes 9 months ago

    “You’re gonna need an ocean of calamine lotion” Rolling Stone song, probably a cover, called ;Poison Ivy’

  • Nicholas Farraro 9 months ago

    Kaley is a Amazing Lady 💙

  • Tanaya Amar 9 months ago

    I read the notification on my phone for this video as Team Cuoco

  • iCoolaxe 9 months ago

    Oh wwoooww, its peener from big bange theocracy, BEIHZINGAA 😂😂🤣🤣

  • stan red velvet 9 months ago

    Harlivy hell yeah

  • Joker 9 months ago

    Okay but why didn’t they get Conan to play Riddler again?? Harlivy needs to happen.

  • Colin Wong 9 months ago

    I like the kite man poison ivy relationship tho

  • Dark Jedi Knight 9 months ago

    When Injustice 3 comes out I want alternate skins of these versions of Harley and Ivy!

  • Lucis O'Burns 9 months ago

    You know what I find relatable? Things that are of good nature, hard working, strong morals, physically healthy and mature sound minds. Finding Harley Quinn relatable says alot about a person’s inner world. 4.

  • irwin leonardo 9 months ago

    Need more Jordan Schlansky

  • Khonsu 9 months ago

    She is the worst voice for Harley. She doesn’t even try to disguise her voice. Even her Big Bang co-Star did a much better job.

  • studiograficomty 9 months ago

    Of course they will…i literally told this a friend when the bag of crap of “Harley Quin and the whaterver whatever…” movie, and said…”whatta shamless SJW teenage cash-grave that is…that flopped…the next thing is gonna explode the lesbian couple of harley and Ivy “, when a movie like that most be a ” fan service” movie…and they will fail in it, so here is my next prediction, and if they do it, this is how it´s gonna roll :

    Since movies now cannot sexualize woman because heterosexuality is somehow wrong…they will fail to understand what “fan service” is, letting go the opportunity to make a big bag of money having a lot of unreal lesbian sensuality to make all the teens blue balled and call this ” the best movie ever…”. Second the white straight villan will be a plank that represent the patriarchy somehow, with no motive nor anything that makes him powerfull or to have meriths, probably they will use a massive super hombre, white and straight to defeat…

    Or probably they understud that they cannot dis the people that pay tickets for too long, and try to make a decent movie…which probably will still be crap because of landmine social media is, and how easy is to make adults cry because of words.

  • Jiu Jitsu Dweeb 9 months ago


  • chris goodayle 9 months ago

    Even off the show she is still cute.She has beautiful eyes

  • Zeph Middendorf 9 months ago

    Mf’s can’t do Kiteman like that!

  • Studio Gimli 9 months ago

    i just don’t want kiteman to get fucked 🙁

  • Francisco Leventhal 9 months ago

    This content I enjoy

  • Shadow_Ghost_96 9 months ago

    I freakin love the Harley Quinn Show. Its so funny


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