Kablooey the Missile Calls for Military Spending | Chinese Spy Balloon

Published on February 23, 2023

In our new segment, “America at War: Country TBD,” the Tooning Out The News Special Coverage panel is joined by defense contractor Kablooey the Missile, who makes a level-headed and well-reasoned case for out-of-control military spending to skeptical Founding Editor at Large of Semafor and foreign policy expert Steve Clemons. Watch Stephen Colbert Presents Tooning Out The News on Comedy Central, Wednesdays after The Daily Show.

Clip air date 02/23/2023

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  • Philoctetes 1 year ago

    Most maps and globes give a very distorted view of reality.

  • ricardo linares 1 year ago

    Kablooey sounds like he is a soocialist trying to undermine the Military Industrial Complex. Seriously CBS stopped it before Trump jumps on the Rocket launching rig and and starts calling for nuclear disarmanment We will all end up like in BEneath the Planest of the Apes praying to Charleston Heston as he hangs on to the ICBM with is dead man’s grip pressing the button. Duck and cover Kablooey is just balooney if you ask me. By the way when are you going to do a porn parody of Putin’s Speech fluffing about nuking Nebraska and Detroit. I mean we are overdue for some urban renewal and just think of all the savings with the demolition costs. We shoulkd triple the Defense Budget and make Musk pay for all of it.

  • Max Tracker 1 year ago

    Russia is US defence companies FWB.

  • 13ofspades 1 year ago

    repubLIEcuntz spend nothing on vets and double down on weapons.

  • Viybz 1 year ago


  • whocares783 1 year ago

    Putin will not go nuclear. Stop propagating Russian lies. He tried launching a Sarmat missile and it failed, the nukes don’t work.

  • Butch Coolidge 1 year ago

    what the hell is this? you’re making Putin’s and China’s argument that US is the aggresor looking for war. good job, morons. US didn’t start war in Ukraine and is not threatening to invade Taiwan. US is not the one threatening with nukes like Putin. US does not have millions of innocent people in concentration camps like China.

  • Chris Koczka 1 year ago

    If you don’t cut back on healthcare and education so we can have a military that is more of con-job than religion, somebody’s gonna have to initiate a catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor, to motivate the wheels of corruption.

  • DiscoR53 1 year ago

    Kablooey for President! His Vice President FUBAR.

  • Tsar Fox 1 year ago

    So if a missile is sentient, does that make them a suicide bomber?

  • Steve Jarvis 1 year ago

    This isn’t even anything to be joking about.


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