Justin Trudeau’s Doughnuts, Tinder’s New Updates & Steve Mnuchin vs. Greta Thunberg | The Daily Show

Published on January 26, 2020

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faces backlash after buying expensive doughnuts, Tinder unveils new safety features, and Steve Mnuchin criticizes Greta Thunberg. #TheDailyShow



  • Michael Heathman 8 months ago

    What’s the problem? Did Trudeau use a government credit card? It’s always a good thing to support a local small business.

  • Neil O'Neal 8 months ago

    The Prime Minister of a country doing the shopping for donuts for a meeting? Doesn’t he have assistants? Very strange.

  • MrPiratebrain 8 months ago

    You have to apply the broken windows theory to the politisions. You punish them for small crimes so they can’t graduate to larger crimes. Way to go Canada, keep the politisions in check with stop and frisk.

  • Tiki80 8 months ago

    Politician going after a 16 year old should study economics when they have a president that doesnt believe in any facts or numbers…. or speak proper english…

  • C.J. Tymczak 8 months ago

    Ohh my god, how horrible, almost as bad as the tan suite……?????

  • CrypticSnow 8 months ago

    global warming will never get fixed probably. I mean with the melting of ice caps, everyones going up north to drill for oil and mine for minerals. It’s free cash up there as long as the ice all goes away. Not to mention, it’s free land. Expansion anyone?

  • TheHoruru 8 months ago

    Outrage culture is so dumb

  • siavm 8 months ago

    I literally thought that was a joke when I saw it in the news. Us in the USA would love to have a non scandal like that. Trump ordering all the fast food for the college athletes is more scandalous then donutgate. And Trevor is right. If trump had a donut scandal it would be something worse and more disgusting than anything we think possible.

  • MLG GAMER 8 months ago

    Wow! He got donuts what a scandal! Yeah I think the blackface was more of a scandal than a bunch of donuts. Also I’m glad for the Tinder safety updates. I recently heard of an instance where someone went to meet their date and they got mugged by four men so this is relieving.
    What did Steve just say? So he thinks she should go to school before commenting on the economy? Hold up! You know he’s basically saying. He’s saying young people can’t lead important issues without education degrees. Seriously? She has more ideas than YOU DO! What the heck?

  • Hamid Baaoui 8 months ago

    “For the rest of the night.” Amin!

  • Sunset Rider 8 months ago

    Elitist donuts?

  • D' Lite 8 months ago

    D’oh nuts ???

  • Joey Dyker 8 months ago

    Tim Hortons sells thawed out donuts. They dont make em fresh.

  • aaron gibson 8 months ago

    It’s only because they don’t want to bring up pipelines….

  • Some Person 8 months ago

    Outrage culture is going pretty far, now people are mad for buying from local small businesses?

  • SquishiRex 8 months ago

    This is so Canada it hurts

  • The Bee 8 months ago

    I bet those people that complained… Dont even go to Tim Hortons…

  • LazarusStr 8 months ago

    ????? “I can show you the world…”???? Had me rolling ???????? Trevor is so silly…love it

  • Mrinmoy Sonowal 8 months ago

    Damn, we Indians also have a right wing crackhead. ?

  • Alex Toro quinones 8 months ago



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