Justin Trudeau Under Fire for Wearing Blackface | The Daily Show

Published on September 19, 2019

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau comes under fire after multiple instances of him wearing brownface and blackface emerge.

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  • Ermy R 10 months ago


  • Robert Arias 10 months ago

    Next will be masks…

  • Jake Ross 10 months ago

    trudeau is cultural appropriation “gay face” here

  • Jake Ross 10 months ago

    it’s ok when a lib does it

  • Ethan Slapp 10 months ago

    stop being a faggot

  • Mitch Smith 10 months ago

    quit crying you pussy

  • loy atkins - little 10 months ago

    This guy make fun of the president, and he is talking about my prime minister, now he is all these things, still ,we are all what we are calling him,they did it to his father, now him so where is the change, move on people,

  • Epic Sax Guy 10 months ago

    Why does he say “uh” so many times during the press conference? Also, why is it on a plane?

  • Hannes R 10 months ago

    Maybe he’s just transracial.

  • dave d 10 months ago

    Trudeau has nothing to worry about. He’s not a Republican or a Christian… so there will be *NO CONSEQUENCES* for anything he ever does.

  • hoboroadie 10 months ago

    I am a couple trillionths African but we have been passing since the seventeenth century so…
    I was pretty pissed off about a bad haircut once and trimmed down to the Chaplain ‘stache and put on an angry scowl for the ultimate White-Face picture. It was intended for humor and I am not a supporter of hate or war. If I offended anyone or insulted their special status then I am sorry. ✊

  • Svátek z Prahy 10 months ago

    He wants to be black!

  • muttr 10 months ago

    i dont think black make a big deal of this as much as white people do. look at the jussie smullet fake thing. who blew up the internet

  • MontalbanJR 10 months ago

    So what.

  • Falkorn 986 10 months ago


  • Dillon Littlefield 10 months ago

    I told you it was liberals who are the real racists

  • Inside the Casino 10 months ago

    But it’s ok for black people to do white face? Ok. Got it!

  • marcia fierro 10 months ago

    OMG, please leave President Trudeau ALONE! black or brown face, at least he is NOT TWO-FACED like TRICKY TRUMP, and he is NOT A TRAITOR AND CAN READ!

  • globidio 10 months ago

    Wait. That’s actually a problem? Holly shit…

    What the fuck! And people lose their jobs over this shit??

    What’s racist about that? PLEASE someone explain it to me.
    It’s just a fucking costume!

    So if i dress as a woman in a fucking carnival party, I am sexist? If a woman wears a mustache? Is she sexist? If a black man decides to dress like after-surgery Michael Jackson and paints his face white, is that racist?

  • Lisa Dale 10 months ago

    Forget It All Black People Buy White Make Up #FuckItWhiteFaceIt ????‍♀


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