Just Call Her “Hillary Clinchin”

Published on June 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton has clinched the Democratic nomination, making her the first woman in U.S. history to become a major party’s candidate for President. If only she could enjoy it.

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  • rocktor1987 3 years ago


  • Yash Trivedi 3 years ago


  • TheGlitchyMushroom 3 years ago

    Shout out to that one guy who boo’d

  • timasauress rex 3 years ago


  • Robert1811 3 years ago

    Is that really why she’s done so well? Because she’s a woman? If you take
    away the gender factor, what does she have on Bernie Sanders or even Donald
    Trump? She has nothing except the fact she has a vagina.

  • RYBATUGA 3 years ago

    Hillary Clinton is a liar! Vote for Bernie!

  • Ash Ketchum 3 years ago

    Youre not funny when you sell out Steven. Hillary Clinton is a war
    criminal, enjoy your filthy money.

  • lamasmorales 3 years ago

    Why was the audience happy about that bitch Hillary

  • archy2frank2 3 years ago

    oh kick people while they are down. steve you fooled us all. Why don’t you
    play the tape of hillary laughing about getting her defendant, a man that
    raped a 12 year girl, off even though she knew he was guilty. Yes hillary
    is a champion of her gender.

  • Pokemon Trainer Alex 3 years ago

    Why does this has so many dislikes?

    can anybody please explain this to me?

  • MsPark 3 years ago

    0:16 give it a rest Bernbro. The maturity difference (to say the least)
    between his core followers and her supporters is stark; in her victory
    speech, when she congratulated Bernie and his supporters for a great
    campaign the crowd cheered. In Bernie’s speech a few hours later, when he
    congratulated her, his supporters booed.

  • Angel Samael (angel of death) 3 years ago

    Well I’m glad to say we now live in a less sexist oligarchy. Would’ve been
    better to say we don’t live in an oligarchy.

  • 8w9hf89hw 3 years ago

    3:41 Thatcher is despised by the left and called every name in the book.
    Rousseff has been impeached and her country is in shambles. Merkel is the
    most hated woman in the world right now. LET’S ELECT THE SECOND MOST HATED

  • kevinalvarado 3 years ago

    I don’t care that Hillary Clinton is a lying criminal scumbag. She has a
    vagina! Go out and vote for this historic candidate, you sexists!

  • Rick Sanchez 3 years ago

    Everywhere I look, people support Bernie.
    Everywhere I look, the media says Hillary has won.
    Everywhere I look, people want to be healthy.
    Everywhere I look, I see a McDonald’s and a Starbucks.

    Everywhere I look…

  • Akmal Ibrahim 3 years ago

    This sends a powerful message to all women that if you just work hard, flip
    flop on issues, warmonger, lie through your teeth, take bribes and become a
    Wall Street puppet, you too can be on the list of option of the lesser evil
    with Donald Trump.

  • odoyoudo 3 years ago

    Your audience is shit. Hilary is a pig.

  • JoeDurobot 3 years ago

    Pretty weird that the audience is only made of Clinton fans … are they
    doing a screening at the door to make sure there are no TRUMP or SANDERS
    supporters in the audience??

  • JoeDurobot 3 years ago

    Just noticed there are more thumbs down than thumbs up.

    Are they from Bernie supporters or trump supporters?
    Probably both.


  • grumblesNgrumbles 3 years ago

    what a dumb shit, and the AUDENCE

  • Lanek 3 years ago

    Don’t think this country needs another liar in office why did the dems make
    one their nominee?

  • Ebob 3 years ago

    More like Hillary Clenchin’ because she hasn’t unclenched in like 40 years

  • MsPark 3 years ago

    1:40 Stephen, even though it’s for comedy, you’re doing a disservice to
    much of your audience (which are disgruntled,
    grab-onto-whatever-claim-fits-my-perception Bernie supporters). The
    articles clearly stated that Hillary had been declared the presumptive
    nominee because, having already had 3 million more votes and some 300 more
    pledged delegates, she had by that point surpassed the number of delegates
    need to win the nomination as more super delegates (from the publicly
    undecided super delegates group) had declared their support for her as the
    nominee. Super delegates historically as a group vote for the candidate
    with the most pledged delegates, as they ultimately did in 2008, which was
    MUCH closer race (and Hillary didn’t contest anyway; she was instrumental
    in helping unify the party again). As the AP then noted, they/the media
    have a duty to report news as it’s available. It just happened to be
    concrete news before the last 6 states voted. Regardless, Hillary has so
    far won 3 of those 6 states (and with 70% currently reporting, she’s 15
    percentage points higher in California). She’d already surpassed the
    numbers needed, has received more votes and pledge delegates, and super
    delegate support. She gave a great, inspiring victory speech on June 7. The
    Democratic party is unifying again and ready to take on the fascist,
    incompetent billionaire.

  • helioseismology 3 years ago

    Colbert needs to take Hillary’s cock out of his mouth. #NeverHillary

  • AndreNGropo 3 years ago

    If you work hard you can also marry someone that will get elected then he
    will put you into politics after he cheats on you and then sell your way to
    the top to big companies and when you became the puppet they need you will
    become president!!!

  • 1994CPK 3 years ago

    fuck Hillary and Colbert

  • Paolo Ariedo 3 years ago

    Suck it up and support Hillary IF she is declared the nominee. In terms of
    food, she’ll just make us poop more as supposed Drumpf who’ll just straight
    up kill you. It’s awful, it’s not ideal, but we can’t let the world become
    The Hunger Games because of Drumpf!!!

  • KayToBe 3 years ago

    #stillsanders #alwayssanders #ThankYouBernie #ImWithBernie
    #thestrugglecontinues All the way to the convention.

  • Arzii Sony 3 years ago

    This early but there’s more dislikes than likes

  • CaliBudds 3 years ago

    Sanders as write in.

  • James Burdick 3 years ago

    Stephen “Sellout” Colbert.

  • Simran Zenov 3 years ago

    All the Trump supporters not catching the sarcasm…
    poor tiny trumptard brains struggling to understand :(

  • AlmostSober 3 years ago

    “boooo” accurate

  • Potatohead827 3 years ago

    haha I saw the title and I knew people weren’t gonna like it. over 50%
    dislikes though? that’s rough

  • Ragh D 3 years ago

    Wooooooooo, Hillary! I totally want a President that hates freedom of
    speech and rage war on video games because she doesn’t like them.


    Just kidding. I want a decent human being to be President which Hillary is
    not. I don’t care what genitals the President has.

  • AlmostSober 3 years ago

    “she has done it… She has clinched” no, she hasn’t. Super Delegates
    haven’t voted yet. She most likely will, when they vote at the convention
    but at the time this show aired.. It is counter factual to say that she
    has. Aka, not true..

  • Walter u. 3 years ago

    Yeah I doubt Hillary ever really worked hard at all… don’t know why
    Stephen doesn’t actually tell the truth instead of just showing the irony
    which is what Larry Wilmore has said and now I can see it is true. Still a
    pretty funny guy he’s actually my favorite comedian so far but since he’s
    with CBS they’re probably like just don’t say a word about how we (the
    establishment) are idiots.

  • Jon Nathan 3 years ago

    Lost all respect for Colbert.

  • supershinigami1 3 years ago

    Well it looks like I’ll be voting for the Hill now.
    What do you guys think about Bernie Sanders for VP though? Would you like
    it? Would HE even accept it??

  • Ryan Sandoval 3 years ago

    If Hillary wins, then we will be left with two Republican candidates. Yes,
    Hillary Clinton is a Republican. She only recently became Progressive-ish
    because Bernie Sanders revived the real Progressive wing of the Democratic
    Party. And the fucked up part is that Hillary is LOSING to Trump in the
    polls! I feel bad for Americans, they get to choose between Coke and
    Watered-Down Coke.

  • supershinigami1 3 years ago

    Yes bad things happen in Game of Thrones. The butchering of storylines and
    characters, twists for nothing but shock value, no character development,
    bad storywriting, etc…
    Just don’t watch this crap.

  • Slippy 3 years ago

    I love that long boo at the start lmao

  • Tom Crotty 3 years ago

    I’m an international Bernie supporter, and I know how tough it is that he’s
    losing, but…
    Please, America, don’t screw this up for the rest of the world. Hillary’s
    no angel, but Trump is a *fucking* nightmare.

    Believe me, I’ve been supporting Bernie from day 1 and it would be amazing
    for him to win the presidency. It sucks that it’s probably going to be
    another choice between the lesser of two evils.

    But the lesser of two evils here is still light years ahead of Donald

    We’re all shifting nervously in our seats watching in on you guys, hoping
    like hell that the White House doesn’t fall into the hands of a man who
    said the Global Warming was made up by the Chinese, who wants to half
    corporate tax and trigger another recession or further income inequality,
    who wants to build a wall between America and Mexico and undo all the work
    that progressives have done to bring people together. He will be the face
    of your country for 4 years, it will be embarrassing, and it will be

    Please, if you don’t cast a democratic vote for the sake of empowering
    Hillary, suck it up and cast a democratic vote to keep Trump out of office.
    You’ll get a higher minimum wage off the bat, hopefully not another war,
    and it’ll be a waiting game for Warren to run in another 4 years, where’ll
    you get a chance to elect a truly great female president.

    We’re really scared you guys :S

  • Francisco Ramirez 3 years ago

    Man you need to stop kissing ass all the time. It is sad to hear what she
    used to think (or at least say) and what she became… a puppet for wall
    street and all the people that gave her money. I hope people understand
    that she doesn’t represent women, she represents her masters.

  • Doctor English 3 years ago

    Truth be told, I was pretty sure Lisa from the Simpsons really would be the
    very first woman president.

  • Teemu Palomäki 3 years ago

    As a Finnish person your election system seems undemocratic at best to me.
    Seriously, one guy decides to make phone calls to wealthy “super” people
    and that person can then call the election over even when people still
    haven’t voted.

    If Hillary Clinton really is that good of a candidate she would still win
    without this kind of borderline illegal behavior.
    She would still win without superdelegates announcing their support before
    anyone has voted.
    She would still win even if she called out for what seems like election
    fraud at say for example AZ and NY.
    She would still win if media covered Bernie Sanders speeches instead of
    empty podiums of Trump and Clinton.
    She would still win no matter how much Bernie Sanders talked about the
    issues or her stance on the issues over her career.
    She would still win if she released those transcripts.
    She would still win if she was open about the e-mail INVESTIGATION in
    process by the Federal Bureau of INVESTIGATION.

    Nothing against female presidents. We have had one in Finland and as far as
    I can tell she was very good at that job and is still liked. However, it’s
    very hard for me to be happy for your election history in making there when
    one is nominated by shadiness described above and other nominated person is
    an open racist who flipflops his stance on thing within even just one day.

    I hope you have that third party available by 2020 so you don’t have vote
    against someone anymore :)

  • Mario Lopez 3 years ago

    Bernie has to be vp or else idk if we’re gonna beat trump.

  • rickenbacker40011 3 years ago

    I don’t like that Hillary gets kudos just for being a woman. Not a human,
    not a person. She ain’t a good choice. And donald trump is just as bad.

  • Corvaire Wind 3 years ago

    Thanks Stephen ;O)- — You cheered me back up!

  • ryanpiyo 3 years ago

    We’ll probably never get another candidate who actually cares about the
    American people for the next few decades. Finally someone who’s willing to
    step the fuck up from their pool of cash and power and yet the normal folk
    and of course the wonderful system of delegates has completely fucked the
    whole election with the Wall Street Lady vs Drumpf Destroyer of Earth as
    the chosen nominees. Great job America, may you have 4 more years of
    mediocrity or complete world destruction while Bernie sits at home and
    watches the world crumble beneath everyone’s feet. Make America gr…oh
    shut the fuck up. It never was.

  • buckybone89 3 years ago

    Holy shit, you BernieBots didn’t even watch the video…he’s ripping on
    both sides in this.

  • mosey records 3 years ago

    glad this historical moment happened in my lifetime, her polarity only
    heightens the gladness for me.

  • Brad Lamb 3 years ago

    Yeah….just writing in Bernie’s name on my ballot in november

  • fidorover 3 years ago

    “Mom, why is this orange pantsuit here in the Smithsonian?”
    — *8-year-old boy in 2032*

  • Ryan Sandoval 3 years ago

    How could Democrats be so stupid as to NOT elect Bernie who beats Trump in
    every poll by DOUBLE DIGITS? Hillary is LOSING in the RCP Polling average
    against Trump. It’s official, Dem voters are actually more stupid than
    Repub voters.

    #NeverHillary #NeverTrump #GoFuckYourselfPartySheep

  • hellsangel050894 3 years ago

    I mean even without the super delegates Hillary has more delegates?
    American politics confuses me. Why are people saying it’s undemocratic? The
    super delegates i.e people within the party have sided with her as she does
    in fact have more delegates. I don’t really understand America but I do
    know politicians as they are same everywhere. You only have bad to worse.
    Clinton regardless of whether she does something will be a symbolic icon
    whether you like to admit it or not. Sanders on the other hand will be
    another white man who says he’ll do good but will probably do nothing
    because congress duh. – Just observing don’t pounce on me.

  • 5pecialist 3 years ago

    We know Steven voted for Trump

  • oscar alonso 3 years ago

    Hilary for prison.
    Trump for hell.
    Vote Bernie.

  • jalyn jones 3 years ago

    Oh god look at those dislikes. Here come the anti-Bernie people having a
    problem with his supporters, not wanting they’re candidate to be shut out
    for someone like Hillary.


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