Julie Andrews: Therapy Saved My Life

Published on October 22, 2019

The legendary actress, author of a new memoir called “Home Work,” shares stories from her past including one about how her friend Mike Nichols showed her that therapy could be beneficial for her emotional well being.

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  • Amber Nelson 3 years ago

    “I get raunchy and very wicked”
    !!!! I would give anything to witness this uninhibited version of Julie Andrews. She is one of my favorite people who is currently living.

  • Doctor John 3 years ago

    Her voice is so smooth and angelical!

  • TheBrianna1431 3 years ago

    Legend! I was a fan of her singing starting from the womb?

    Thank you Julie for addressing mental health❤??

  • michael goode 3 years ago

    Such a wonderful lady .

  • Emily Walker 3 years ago

    I fucking love Julie ANDREWS!

  • Chewy 3 years ago

    “Patience dear lad” ?♥️
    I love her so much. She’s so classy and beautiful ♥️

  • Stephanie Simpson-White 3 years ago

    ICONIC. <3

  • Angela Arbab 3 years ago

    she is everything , everything , everything !

  • mary jones 3 years ago

    me ‘wow’ too! i have always loved her work! ty so much ms andrews for bringing such joy into my world, and i can’t wait to read your new book! ty both for making this a beautiful night! trumputin has made everything such a nightmare that i had forgotten how lovely the world can still be!

  • Dianne Forit 3 years ago

    ‘Chim chimmeny’

  • G 3 years ago

    She’s so sophisticated and articulate

  • New Message 3 years ago

    I would be reduced to a mush-mouthed imbecile if I was sitting that close to that lady.

  • Margarita Romančenko 3 years ago

    Emmy, Grammy, Academy )))

  • Joe Goodwill 3 years ago

    I’ve loved her since I was 10 years old !

  • Riot Jayne 3 years ago

    Nine minutes is not enough

  • Meredith 3 years ago

    Therapy should be a free community service. Affording it is* THE* problem.

  • Martina Bencec 3 years ago

    This Woman is so amazing.she’s a lovely Lady. So funny radiant and elegant always.still beautiful of her age.She was the best of her time in singing and acting always my favourite.It’s so sad she lost her wonderful voice.An Angel of earth.I hope she has a long Life and many years in good health
    I love her so much.
    A huge Fan from Germany

  • January Baby 3 years ago

    This woman has more life in her than I do, and she’s nearly 4 times older than me

  • EC 3 years ago

    I saw an interview with the people who played the Von Trapp children a few years ago: They said Christopher Plummer was drunk the entire shoot. Me thinks Julie is not being honest. Mary Poppins would not be pleased.

  • Rawal Toor 3 years ago

    Legend isnt come near to describe her….there are some creations that even God should be proud of.(Which He is ?) God bless her ????❤


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