Julianna Margulies: Stop Denying Science

Published on May 21, 2019

Julianna Margulies, who plays a doctor fighting Ebola in ‘The Hot Zone,’ says scientific study can help contain outbreaks of the virus. #LSSC #Colbert #JuliannaMargulies

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  • iNews 1 year ago

    It feels weird to see just one view ?

  • Miguel Coelho 1 year ago

    Valar Margulies

  • cardinia1 1 year ago

    Nah bro but she’s smokin

  • Simon Hughes-King 1 year ago

    Julianna is a talented actress, I enjoy her work. I hate to comment on such a shallow basis, but she does seem rather under-nourished…perhaps not a good image to project.

  • SLOLucas 1 year ago

    I love her, loved The Good Wife very much. But her bitching about her pay to guest star on The Good Fight was a big turn off for me. She’s worth 22 million, wouldn’t kill her to do it just for the fans of both shows.

  • trail mark 1 year ago

    I was paying my taxes minding my own business when someone on TV said there was no more God. We all know it is the rich who get to play in the real world but I disagree about the existence of God and how to get understanding from him. Today God is Donald Trump in the flesh he won the vote. the Christian church voted him in and I know where God lives now and it is a big White House! I don’t know who Pat Robertson and Franklin Graham are going to vote for next time all I know is until the world changes for the better the 1% club will keep me paying my taxes for a more secure world order. I really wish God (president) would legalize marijuana not just Viagra it could make paying taxes less stressful in my homeless spirit. Thank you for giving me my credit card God, Selena Gomez’s is no longer a stranger. The Japanese have come up with artificial intelligence and a body to go with it and I couldn’t be happier being in love with an icon. Maybe you could do something about copyright laws and then maybe the Japanese could put a better face on their plastic along with the World Trade Organization putting a better face on its politics and my money. Don’t make me take this problem up with Santa Claus you know he owns you GOD, Along with most religions around the world. Maybe you can talk to the Japanese and get them to work harder in design to my feelings as a man’s man. As a carpenter, I will keep paying taxes till my arms fall off not voting to upset the apple cart when it comes to property rights for everybody. I know I am a loser without a portfolio who can’t even pay for my own Social Security with my 401(k). Maybe as president, you have a good idea when it comes to abortion? I am not rich why would I want to pay taxes on something only rich people should be doing to each other. By the way Donald Trump, God, or whatever you want to be called these days, I think your daughter is good looking enough to be put on plastic herself. If I can afford more plastic and can get into your daughter’s feelings better maybe you will let me in the family and you and I can go back to being of the same species again. You can’t commit adultery with plastic I am pretty sure the feelings your daughter has in plastic is not the same as for her husband in the flesh although I could be wrong. You got big hands Donald Trump, to keep God’s image to yourself and our place in him with your politics. How is the law business? Does Hope still spring eternal or has Fate taken its course?

  • A Wee Scots Dog 1 year ago

    Alternative Vax (aka The Antidote to Anti-Vax)

    Please, from Donald Trump get vaccinated
    Through subpoenas see how tax is weighted
    Protect yourselves from viral tweets
    Full of lies and weaselly conceits
    Eradicate this germophobe
    From every corner of the globe
    Then of his filth please wash your hands
    Stay well clear of his putrid glands
    He’d give you measles or the mumps
    So it’s one wee prick, avoid the Trumps!

  • Captain Howdy 1 year ago

    Still gorgeous

  • Adam Beckett 1 year ago

    “The Hot Zone” by RIchard Preston was a non-fiction bestseller in 1994. Still worth reading.

  • EC 1 year ago

    That marketing thing SC pulled out made it look like the Hot Zone meant menopause.

  • peachesandpoets 1 year ago

    She’s so enchanting I just can’t

  • Fatih 1 year ago

    Julianna Dohaeris

  • Joshua Christofferson 1 year ago

    Yes, please stop denying Science. That means people on The Right need to stop denying Climate Change, and those on The Left need to acknowledge that XY & XX are different Chromosomes, not Choices, cuz Science.

  • Oluchi Albert 1 year ago

    Haven’t started the interview, but I just wanted to say *I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!* and I’m also an MD, so this should be right up my alley.

  • Jayee 1 year ago

    Since the interview kind of segues into climate change, you know what I’m really concerned about?

    Forget about how global warming will affect the climate and kill off life on Earth in the long run, I get freaked out thinking about the permafrost melting because there can be thousands of strands of trapped airborne viruses, bacteria, and diseases from millions of years ago getting released into the atmosphere. It’s the unknown and oversight that scares me.

    … and it’s not if the permafrost melts, it WILL melt.

  • Blak 1 year ago

    No offense, but Underworld cosplay goin on here? xD

  • Mats K 1 year ago

    “Science is so leftist. So fake. Believe me. SAD!”

  • Miles K 1 year ago

    It’s like.
    ..save humans.
    Or don’t save humans

  • Richard Jones 1 year ago

    I wonder if they actually drink booze during the show.


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