Julia Stone “Unreal” – Late Show #PlayAtHome

Published on October 13, 2020

Captivating singer and songwriter Julia Stone sits down with her acoustic guitar and delivers this intimate performance of her song “Unreal” for A Late Show’s #PlayAtHome series. #JuliaStone #Unreal #PlatAtHome

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  • Al Nilam 4 months ago

    …theres something real!

  • Dace Jaunzeme 4 months ago


  • Matthew Wright 4 months ago

    Please don’t tell me you’re on ANOTHER vacation!!!

  • dimsoneill 4 months ago

    Fixed the sound clip, but you can’t fix how annoying her voice is.

  • TikTok King 4 months ago


  • C F 4 months ago

    I wish she’d drop this stripped back version on Spotify!!!

  • Alejandra Pérez Méndez 4 months ago

    Love this version 😍

  • Stan F 4 months ago

    It is good if you like this new kind of singing. Where they sound like a baby sucking a turd

  • Janie Thomas 4 months ago

    Beautiful song and voice 😃

  • ismail khan 4 months ago


  • foodtree harvest 4 months ago

    Sure… fraud in the hall.

  • Jarred McCleese 4 months ago

    Much better quality. Thank you

  • The Messenger 4 months ago

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  • jerry kirkpatrick 4 months ago

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  • John Lennon 4 months ago


  • NZ Bassist 4 months ago

    I miss vocalists with powerful voices. Over talk singing

  • Tom 4 months ago


  • Funky Doolittle 4 months ago

    damnn its been years since ive heard her sing…together with her brother Angus…they have the sweetest voices on this planet and both are damnnn good looking…Australia producing some fine humans…

  • moomoo L 4 months ago

    So no Colbert today??? Nice guitar playing

  • Igor Schmidlapp 4 months ago

    Too much “production” in the audio…


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