Judge Rules “Presidents Are Not Kings,” Meaning Don McGahn May Be Compelled To Testify

Published on November 27, 2019

The President was dealt a setback in his effort to stonewall the House impeachment inquiry when a judge ruled that former White House lawyer Don McGahn is not immune from a congressional subpoena. #Colbert #Monologue #Impeachment

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  • Steve Jarvis 4 months ago

    Stephen stop doing the Eric trump impersonation while I am drinking coffee damned it.

  • M A 4 months ago

    4:54 That’s my mother when I asked for Mario game when I was young. I got some bootleg game of Mario solving math puzzles.

  • deedee7733 4 months ago

    I suppose this hypothetical granny will have her grey hair in a bun, wear a long dress replete with apron and rock back and forth in a rocking chair while knitting a shawl. And I suppose in about two years when you become a senior citizen you’ll start wearing cardigans, balance half rimmed glasses on the end of your nose and smoke a pipe. You and your writing team are using ageist stereotypes to laugh at. That’s not what I’d call high end wit.

  • The End Begins 4 months ago

    I would buy that calendar.

  • Al Swearengen 4 months ago

    He glossed over an important fact about the democrats’ impotence. They have a chance to go after the senior officials, but Pelosi refuses to push any further. Why don’t they compel the courts to force Pompeo, Mulvaney, Perry, etc. to testify? These weak, pathetic Democrats are once again shooting themselves in the foot. They could blow this thing wide open, but instead they choose to seek political points? Or protecting fellow politicians? I can’t understand why they won’t expose the senior officials. It’s​ a huge blunder.

  • Tessmage Tessera 4 months ago

    Poor little Baby Trump. He’s so terrified right now.

  • David Arnold 4 months ago

    This is literally the DUMBEST president we have ever had!!!

  • Eagle 367 4 months ago

    To be fair trump hires war criminals like Mike Pompeo, John Bolton and Eliot Abrams and there have been US presidents that are war criminals like George Bush.

  • Toori Baba 4 months ago

    Wow you passed over substance??!??
    Animal cruelty, now native Americans! The loony liberals ignore!!! Just say Thank You Trump

  • Marty MC 4 months ago

    McGann will simply take the fifth and say nothing.

  • Courage Karnga 4 months ago

    Actually, Trump is afraid of just about everything, especially criticism. He thinks he’s a king He might be the king of his prison cell. He sure isn’t mine..

  • Franc Watson 4 months ago

    Quid pro quo- ex post fuckto.

  • Kaiju-Z 4 months ago

    I feel uneasy about this quick turn of events. This kind of tells me they won’t be going after Nunes’ participation in all this…

  • Darth Star Killer 4 months ago

    What would trump know about protecting war fighters? His bone spurs are more of an expert on that

  • Nikhil D Rao 4 months ago

    Trump will not be impeached with pace at which this is going

  • Congocroc 4 months ago

    This season of JoJo is more Bizarre than usual.

  • Khadijeh Fazeli 4 months ago

    Trump vs Big Banks? Not a tough choice if you know the game.

  • Harry Hunter 4 months ago

    I kinda want that advent calendar tho

  • Alen Sony Joseph 4 months ago

    America is Over … this comes from someone who wanted to become an American for 17 years until trump rose to power

  • TheTaintedWisdom 4 months ago

    4:50 – Did… did The Late Show writers just sneak in a dig at Medal of Honor Warfighter? – https://youtu.be/vuNN1D-FCjs?t=16

    Also, like Yahzee said later in that same year, the word is dumb but is, in fact, an actual word used by the military for some reason.


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