Judd Apatow Was Worried Pete Davidson’s Tattoos Would Mess Up His Film

Published on June 19, 2020

Judd Apatow talks about his unexpected casting decisions for his film The King of Staten Island and reveals what his biggest continuity fear was for working with Pete Davidson.

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  • Justin Kaplan 3 years ago

    How is this possible? First?

  • Michael McConnell 3 years ago

    Gotta love the Infant Sorrow shirt. 10 year anniversary of Get Him to the Greek lol

  • Big Boomer 3 years ago

    No thank you… Judd is funny, but Pete looks like a zombie!

  • Pepper Potts 3 years ago

    Only people with tattoos can understand the addiction-like lure of getting more tattoos. It sounds sadomasochistic but there is definitely pleasure in th pain.

  • J G 3 years ago

    Bad movie

  • Bach 3 years ago

    Usually really like Apatow movies. Not this one. Wasn’t good at all.

  • sara meslo 3 years ago

    Mr. Apatow, you are really really really good at what you do. I can watch your movies over and over and over again, literally on repeat. (I am on round 5 of King of Staten Island right now, paused)

    The way you capture those easy to miss moments… love love love the hug that Igor leans in on at the beginning when it’s all giggles about Pete (I mean Scotty’s 😉) dad. The sweet exchange of smiles between them when Scott is supporting Igor as to not being “catfished”…a term I still don’t completely get. i could go on and on…. about EACH of your movies but I want to get back to this one.

    So stoked that you and Pete found each other. You both share such a beautiful story here full of laugh out loud moments as well as sobbing moments that is having such a profound impact on me that I can only imagine the impact on each of you involved in the movie it has had. …anf stretch that out to the fellow fans. It goes on and on.

    P.S. applause to each and every person involved in this movie. You all made something amazing, fun, honest, and important here. Thank you!

    And that talent runs in the fam man! Maude! Wow! You are an exquisite talent. Well done girl. And thank you for letting us watch you grow up. I have loved you and your sis and your mom in every one of your pop’s movies.

    Must get back to movie..again..
    So much love and hugs and gratitude to all of you. And Pete, if you are reading this or hopefully are getting all the love coming your way via your fam 💜 you know how you say Kid Cudi saved your life….Truth, I believe you are passing that same gift on here to others. Thank you is not big enough for what you share with all of us.

    My journey in the past few weeks…kid cudi brought me to your movie from the commercial (I heard the song and decided to not skip ad), obsession with Pete begins (not in a creepy way I swear), brought me to MGK (don’t get me started on Bad Things 💜💜💜💜💜 yep thats me viewing like 25+ in recent days🙏)…..i could go on. Loooooooong story short (believe it or not, I could go on, everlasting go stopper style) big impact, lots of love, lots of emotions tied into all of it because it hits home on so so so many levels. YOU all are having a positive impact and it’s changing folks for the good. 🧡

    You all are awesome 🤘🤘🤘

    Much love and gratitude and I’m out🎤

  • George Horner 3 years ago

    It should be called the lets hate Trump show? I mean, I am not carrying water for either party, but didn’t we used to turn on late night and be entertained instead of , HOW WE SHOULD FEEL , WHAT WE SHOULD BELIEVE AND WHO WE SHOULD HATE,BY A MULTI MILLIONAIRE WHO IS JUST KISSING THE ASSES OF THE BILLIONAIRES WHO SIGN HIS FAT GREASY PAYCHECKS? THE BILLIONAIRES THAT OWN THE TELEVISION NETWORKS HATE TRUMP, AND THEY WANT US TO HATE HIM TO , OK I GET IT .

  • Beejanew 3 years ago

    I’m so sick of the 2 ads at the start of every YouTube video I know it’s price we pay for free online videos but still it’s so annoying

  • Pat Saulnois 3 years ago

    How do you say “a seafood platter” in French : Apatow de fruits de mer.

  • Ferd Dorst 3 years ago

    So the tattoos are a problem but his face is just great. Somebody stop greenlighting Judd Apatow.

  • Rachel Rexxx 3 years ago

    I want to press like but it’s at 666, so I gotta let that ride

  • Jeanae Rowley 3 years ago

    Best movie I’ve seen in a long time. Pete really outdid himself with such a strong performance! Fantastic cast, writing and directing 💜👑💜

  • Chris Spiers 3 years ago

    Looking forward to watching “The King of Staten Island”!!!

  • ZakAshChan 3 years ago

    That painting is scary.

  • anonymous 3 years ago

    The whole media infrastructure is afraid of the satanic pedophile cabal globalist who own Hollywood (and the media) and are intent on turning their hated USA (and the World) into a dystopian prison planet (NWO).

  • allen williford 3 years ago

    Not bad, like a rated R Napoleon Dynamite.

  • Yahseq Gookler 3 years ago

    Seth mutated looks a lot different now. Maybe he got aids from hosting this pointless show he created for himself.

  • Michael Frawley 3 years ago

    OMG…only Letterman has more beard than hair

  • Michael Frawley 3 years ago

    My wife told me to grow a beard so we wouldn’t have to kiss…but none of our friends have beards

  • JJ Pitts 3 years ago

    Bill Burr surprisingly carried the movie in my opinion, stole every scene he was in…


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