Judd Apatow Shares the Worst Part of Being Friends with Paul Rudd | The Tonight Show



  • ozomatli876 2 years ago

    A scene that is engraved in my brain forever that I blame Judd for, is from “This Is 40” when Paul Rudd has his legs up trying to look at his bum and asks his wife to check for a hemorrhoid.

  • ✨yaysunny equestria✨ 2 years ago

    Aw that core takeaway he had as a kid watching her standup is so sweet

  • Mrb369 2 years ago

    No seeing 50 year olds look young make us feel better. Seeing 20 year olds look 40 make us depressedZ

  • Rhianna Blumberg 2 years ago

    as a 44yr old… I can’t wait for this is 50!!

  • DJ O.K 2 years ago

    So true for me that’s why it’s SO FUNNY 4 Me 😉 I’m the so-called “Black Sheep” of the fam and I love my father (MY HERO) but when he says, and He’s 84 in October … “You do it, it’s not like you don’t have more time than me!” LMFAO!!! Dad … Love you, and Yes SO VERY TRUE. 😉

  • Диана Певцова 2 years ago

    Quest Love won an Oscar for best documentary. It should’ve been presented by Jimmy. Jimmy should’ve had Will Smith slap the sh*t out of him. (I’m here for Judd.)

  • Michael Pipkin 2 years ago

    I was going to watch it until I figured out it was a Jimmy Fallon interview.

  • Anna Iorio 2 years ago

    I vaguely remember Totie Fields. I looked her up. She was only 48 when she passed away. How nice of Judd to mention her.

  • LazyLiko 2 years ago

    What on earth happened at 0:16 ? Strange vibe lmao

  • Cammi Ramos 2 years ago

    Takes all kinds ??? At all levels ???

  • Tautvys Tiesis 2 years ago

    in that foto he looks like dude from Breaking Bad that jessie shot

  • Martin 2 years ago

    Left-night TV


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