Joy Reid on White People Joining the Black Lives Matter Movement

Published on July 23, 2020

Joy Reid talks about the #BlackLivesMatter movement and adjusting to her new show’s schedule.

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  • Kai McKenzie 2 months ago

    Interviewing a shill who fought against Bernie Sanders and for Joe Biden, the author of the crime bill?! You’re better than this, Seth

  • Red Star 2 months ago

    Yeah lets give a homophobe and anti-medicare 4 all bigot a voice more than her billionaire ass kissing self already has.
    From someone who is of color and has attended BLM protests joy bigot reid sit down.

  • christobal747 2 months ago

    What’s with the german tourists? I didn’t understand that.

  • Santtu Kähkönen 2 months ago

    She has a pretty messed up World view. She thinks white people are only supporting black lives matter only since they could be next, not because white people could genuinely value the lives of others no matter the color of their skin

    The main reason they didn’t support it before, is that normal people really had no clue what was happening and the name sounds very white (black) supremacist, unless it is explained (horrible PR choice)

  • Nivek Nossam 2 months ago

    What a load of dirt, aspiration to be a police officer makes you guilty. Blm is evil full stop.

  • Charlotte Katakuri 2 months ago

    13 and 50.

  • Mos Definitely 2 months ago

    As a black woman, I feel I must check all the newly ‘woke’ non-black people NOW supporting BLM: there’s NOTHING to be proud of in only NOW understanding that blacks are wilfully murdered (by police and systemic white supremacy – both, unchecked since slavery started in 1440) because a pandemic allowed your ‘non-essential’ working asses to be home and fully witness George Floyd’s murder by police (btw, Floyd was the 60th Black murdered by police this year!!!) and FINALLY believe what blacks been saying since policing was known as SLAVE CATCHING. Shame on you for any self congratulation of your new found woke-ness.

  • Klara Stern 2 months ago

    I like her a lot… I’m glad, that she got her new slot 😀 <3

  • Mike Blackmon 2 months ago

    ok black lives matter but your not the only ones but to you if your not black or smelling your butts we fdont matter its just another way to be racist

  • Logan X10 2 months ago

    F U Joy Reid, when an actual progressive wanted universal healthcare her and other centrist Democrats hated Bernie Sanders including Obama. They along with the GOP recognized a real threat to their endless cash grab and tax cuts so they joined together to stop him. And now after this long into a pandemic now she says she’s for Medicare for all? Bullshit.

  • Wes Oss 2 months ago

    That isn’t Joy Reid Is IT…….

  • red joker 2 months ago here is your “movement” in a nut shell

  • vmacart 2 months ago


  • Gladys Mayweather 2 months ago

    The ONE good thing about Trump is you know what you’re getting with him, in this case it’s blatant racism, loud and proud. There’s nothing “covert” about it — he’s totally in your face. The public outrage towards his racism sparked the impetus for this whole uprising. All good things work together for the good of those who love the LORD. Thanks Trump! #BLM

  • A King 2 months ago

    What happened to Joy? She looks like she’s shrinking… While her hair gets bigger…

  • Boa Boy 2 months ago

    How did she get Doctor Strange’s eye of agamotto

  • Pipe Tunes 2 months ago

    From the comments and very low view count she is not well liked. I see why.

  • sakarakit 2 months ago

    Something must be done. Wake Up. Know Your Enemy. Rage Against the Machine.

  • Adi-LMNOP 2 months ago

    black lives matter = COMMUNIST FRONT GROUP FOR THE COMMUNIST failed democrat party

  • altitude illume 2 months ago

    excellent intellect, #JOYREID, congratulations.


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