Joy Reid Is Afraid to Call the Police

Published on September 24, 2020

Joy Reid talks about the difficulty of explaining police brutality to her children, explains that the police are trained to shoot to kill and explains what it really means to defund the police.

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  • E H 1 month ago

    Defund Jimmy Fallon

  • Moone Shadow 1 month ago

    Now this is a very good solution! Very good interview, and very center 👏. Defunding the police was a stupid idea and made things worse in the public argument. Infustructure change is the better way to go. Why are armed people dealing with Jay walking? At one point police used to deal with parking tickets. Now they have a team of unarmed parking ticket cops in most areas. Police should only be involved in extreme or unknown situations. Let others deal with de-escilation of situations that are obviously not a police problem.

  • Robert Beerbohm 1 month ago

    Thank you for factual truth

  • etmeyutub 1 month ago

    Joy Reid is awful. SHould be arrested for inciting mob violence by taking advantage of people’s fears and stupidity. Despicable.

  • Mike Mike 1 month ago

    Protesting for criminals and thugs seem to be the trend for BLM…..destroy the nuclear family, defund the police, if your white you are racist…..ok BLM 👌👌

  • The 3rd Jake From State Farm 1 month ago

    You cant have criminals fight criminals

  • Kevin Parsons 1 month ago

    Why are we paying people to murder our citizens why are we paying damn it all violent cop should lose their job instantly no questions no stop no 2 week paid vacation at home or they’re jerking off and beating their wives all for the low low price of the bullet and some little black kid bat

  • Commacho Dennison 1 month ago

    Real talk

  • QuadriplegicLife 1 month ago

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  • Matthew Palanca 1 month ago

    Police can kill you in your sleep and get away with it, calling it self-protection. #DefundThePolice #FuckThePolice

  • Minh Hoàng 1 month ago

    aMeRicA number 1 😂😂😂 this show is hilarious

  • Zach Sasek 1 month ago


  • Miriam 1 month ago

    Breonna Taylor still hasn’t had her justice yet and people expect us to believe that the police force in America isn’t a force for corruption? Get real.

  • Estevan Gonzalez 1 month ago

    Someone make this video go viral. This is the exact way this issue should be discussed. Right-wingers love to attack “Defund the Police” because they assume liberals hate the police. It’s just not true. Officers are important, but we need accountability.

  • Gooseman2k2 1 month ago

    id be afraid to call the police too… If I were also a Komodo dragon…

  • Richard Clifford 1 month ago

    Joy, you gotta dial “9” first in order to get an outside line from the brothel. Didn’t they teach you that when you sold your soul thru affirmative (racist) action?

  • Monique Bish 1 month ago

    Damn I love that women😍🤪😍 when she speaks u know it’s 100% FACTS makes everything no matter who u r make sense if the dummies stop listening with their mouths n talking with their ears we could do a lil better but….they not so here we still r FUCK 2020

  • KevinWood44 1 month ago

    I pulled a muscle rolling my eyes so hard

  • Tremayne Fields 1 month ago

    It will always amaze me why so many are always quick to defend the police instead of sympathize with victims of police brutality and misconduct.

    “All cops aren’t bad” yeah but the bad ones are never condemned or held accountable. It’s always the cops that get the benefit of the doubt. Especially when the person’s neck they’re kneeling on is a person of color.


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